'Apparatjik World' Book

apparatjik world - coming to a world near you.

November 25th 2014 Read More
Terry Slater Fan Convention Q&…

A playlist including 11 short clips from Terry Slater's Q&A on October 25.

November 17th 2014 Read More
Paola Iezzi covers 'The Sun Al…

Italian singer Paola Iezzi has released the EP 'I.Love', which includes a cover of 'The Sun Always Shines on TV'

November 13th 2014 Read More
2014 a-ha Fan Weekend - The Co…

The 2014 Fan Convention in Oslo was a very special event, bringing together a panel of six guest speakers from among a-ha's business and industry

November 10th 2014 Read More
'You're welcome in my town'

Fans traveled from around the globe to see Morten in Oslo on October 24 and 25.

November 9th 2014 Read More
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There will be a book about @Apparatjik released in winter 2015. For photos and a description of the book, visit:

November 26th 2014 Read More
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Fan Corner

a-hamigos End of th…

By MarĂ­a Gabriela Solimano We will make another fan A-haparty in Buenos Aires, Argentina!…

November 18th 2014 Read More

by Tiffany Dahlgren The tour was a dream/idea I had about 10 years ago. I…

November 17th 2014 Read More
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