Well…first of all, I must say that – as a die-hard fan – the news about a-ha’s comeback was a great and happy moment because I have missed them so much in five years…without listening to their talent with new material.

Besides this, it is impossible to pick just one track as favourite.

Let’s go to the CIS review (from my humble point of view):

Cast in Steel: A good, sweet, romantic song, and the lyrics are great, I think some parts of them, sum up what we (the fans) feel about the band, it is like a pact we have made since the first time we have listened to their music.

Under the Makeup: The track is ok, some of the arrangements remind me about a James Bond theme…I don´t know why.

The Wake: One of my favourites on the album, it’s a Morten solo work song, I mean – his style of making music, like other former individual work.

Forest Fire: It’s a catchy sound, I like it.

Objects in the Mirror: Great melody, gorgeous chorus. It’s very a-ha.

Door Ajar: Among my favourites too, Paul has done a great job with it, seems like Morten tells us a little story just in 3:46.

Living at the End of the World: Wow… what can I say about this track?…simply superb!! Morten voice…shines in all its splendour. The arrangements are fabulous.

Mythomania: The best song of Mags in the album, love it!! I have it as a ringtone in my mobile phone) also one of my favourites. A huge idea to mix up the same time two-tones of Morten´s voice.

She’s Humming a Tune: “The creative Genius, Paul”. Pretty good! A material retrieved from the eighties, and you can notice that it is so, when you are listening to the first chords. It brings to mind their second album tracks.

Shadow Endeavors: I don’t like it very much.

Giving up the Ghost: I don’t like it at all.

Goodbye Thompson: I don’t like it either.

On the whole, it’s an excellent album. It’s a pride to be a fan of them, not simply for the band as artists but as great human beings.

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