If you love a-ha, then you will love this new album. If you are new to a-ha you will also love this new album. It’s a WONDERFUL eclectic mixture of songs a real cocktail of EXCELLENT tunes and at times a BEAUTIFULLY delivered masterpiece.

a-ha’s latest album Cast in Steel initially makes you wonder how the band has managed to continually produce so many excellent albums, as this latest release is a mature masterpiece of wonderful songs. Many would say during the 80s the band produced their best work. Personally, I believe the albums should not be judged by release date or decade but simply by the quality of the music. It’s this 30 year journey that makes you realize this is a band that was; part of times gone by, that moves with the times to create modern songs that allow you to drift back in time whilst realizing this is a ‘new time’ for old and new fans.

In typical but not predictable a-ha fashion you get upbeat songs like; “Forest Fire”, “The Wake”, “Forest Fire”, “Cast in Steel” to name a few. These songs are balanced against the more relaxing yet powerful tracks like; “Under the Makeup”, “Giving up the Ghost”. Morten Harket’s vocals are still outstanding after three decades, and one could say his vocal are as good as ever.

a-ha have carefully crafted this album with mesmerizing soaring vocals and synths balanced against fabulous strings, which when they come together give you that classic a-ha sound! Cast in Steel builds from where the excellent Foot of the Mountain left off. This is an up-to-date compilation of fresh songs, not in any way dripping in nostalgia, but definitely with a few reminders of their golden years of the past, making this potentially the platinum era, if not the platinum album.

The band have created a thrill of excitement among their old and without doubt new fans, but even the most dedicated would have been hard pressed to imagine they’d return with an album so compelling. This is not an album that has been put together to justify the 30 year journey, this is an album that will form part of the 30 years, Cast in Steel is a triumphant return. Its so refreshing to hear a-ha return with such a powerful musical statement.

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