Since Morten´s voice and A-ha melodies are very familiar to me, and since listening to A-ha makes me feel comfortable, anything that comes from the band would be easy for me to like. I was very anxious to listen to the Cast in Steel album, when I knew it was released in September 4 (my daughter´s birthday! ohhh).

I play this CD in my car every day, and some others by A-ha too. But here are my quick perceptions of the Cast in Steel album:

Cast in Steel: Is already by heart and my favorite! Paul has stricken! Amazing the lyrics, the melody, it sounds so smooth. It will last forever.

Under the Makeup: For me it has a film melody touch (something I like very much), it seems a bit distress, but pleasant, not my favorite though, but I sure like it. Maybe I didn’t appreciate the video much.

The Wake: I mainly like the lyrics, I try to link it to my life.

Forest Fire: Ta nan a, ta na na, very much cheerful and happy!

Door Ajar: After five months listening to it, I started to like a little by now! Sorry is a melody matter not the lyrics, for me the lyrics are always fine, except to one…

Living at the End of the World: Love it! Everything.

Mythomania: Like it!

She’s Humming a Tune: Like it!

Shadow Endeavors: Very interesting, mainly the last sentences after when the music is over. I adore listen to that part. Morten!!

Giving up the Ghost: Like it better than “Door Ajar”, but, for me, is not a music to be played in a concert, there are so many others more interesting than this one.

Goodbye Thompson: I didn’t understand at all, even after Paul’s explanation about it. I think the song given to Filip Clements (“Flags in the air”) would suit much better this CD, than this one. Lucky Filip (congrats). Sorry! Hehehehe

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