by Lee Rippon

a-ha are genius!

Not just content with the release of one of their best albums yet they go on the road with one of the best concerts ever!

This show was perfect… the lighting was fantastic, the sound was absolutely brilliant, and the choice of songs? What can I say?

Highlights form the set for me were “Weight Of The Wind”, “Living A Boys Adventure Tale” and “Cosy Prisons”.

I like the freedom that Mags has now while playing the guitar, I also love the way that they have replaced some of the keyboard lines with harmony guitars in songs such as “I’ve Been Losing You” and “The Living Daylights”. I really loved this in “Daylights”… not only is this my personal favourite song, but it brought a kind of “70’s edge to it.

The music has matured so much… I love the use of piano of keyboard in many of the songs.

I thought the supporting band was brilliant also, the keyboards, drums and bass… fantastic!!!!

I was lucky enough to see the performance of the “Lifelines” concert back in Manchester last time around, but this recent tour beats the last one hands down! I would urge any fans out there who have not seen A-ha recently to go out there and get a ticket for this show…. It’s A-ha at their finest!

10/10 in my opinion, proving A-ha to be one of the best bands on the circuit… Just one thing though… How about a show in Newcastle next time?

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