by Amanda Pike

It only seemed like yesterday I heard the news that `my boys’ (as I affectionately call them!) were touring in december, I remember thinking wow what a great christmas present this will be. I managed to secure tickets for Wembley (Wednesday December 7th) and also the Brighton Centre (Saturday December 10th).

I lost out on row 5 for Wembley so had to settle for row 11! But, when the morning came for the Brighton tickets to go on sale I was straight on that phone at 9am sharp. My goodness, imagine my joy when the box office assistant said `is row A o.k?’ I had to ask him to repeat what he had just said as I was in shock and disbelief. The last time I saw the band play at the Brighton Centre was 19 years earlier when I was 12yrs old (now I feel old! ha ha) and the only way of getting near the stage was to run like a cheetah as soon as the doors were open!

The night of Wembley was soon upon us and I couldn’t wait to show my boyfriend what my Norwegian scoundrels were cabable of! This was to be his first time at an a-ha concert, my mum was with us as well but she’s a pro at this now! (for those of you who know what happened at Graham Norton in 2002 you’ll know what I mean!) At one point in the show I turned to look at him and say something but I got no answer as he was totally lost in the music. He even punched the air when Morten finished his long note on `Summer Moved On.’

We waited around after the show to see if I could catch a glimpse of the guys and get autographs etc., but didn’t really have a lot of luck. Well, I saw Mags leave in the coach and managed a wave to him and then Morten came out of the gates in his car and signed some things but there was too much of a crush. Oh well I thought another lost opportunity!

I was now ready for Brighton as this was a girls only week-end. My friend who I’ve grown up with had travelled down from Scotland. We stayed overnight in a hotel in Brighton. Luckily enough, the hotel we chose backed on to the back of the Brighton Centre! We checked in to our hotel and thought we’d take a wander around the back to see if we’d get lucky and see the guys turn up for their sound check. We checked with some other fans who told us that they’d turned up about an hour or so earlier! Oh well we thought and wandered off to get something to eat and reminisce about 19yrs earlier. (I remember being driven past the Brighton Centre and blasting out `Take on Me’ waving a tour scarf out of the sunroof of the car!!) The queue was miles long and suddenly it erupted!

My poor friend she was hungry but I told her I had to find Morten some orchids and so we `hunted high and low’ for a florist that sold them. I even got some money off when the two guys found out who they were for!  I felt so nervous as we were getting ready, kind of like a first date feeling, I get it every time.

We took to our seats and we both looked at each other and said `We couldn’t get any better seats.’ I was happy as I was right in front of Morten’s microphone stand and I’d worn my `Mrs Harket’ t-shirt for the occasion!  I had to get my flowers for him handed backstage before the concert which I was a little disappointed with but just hoped that he got them.

As soon as the opening bars of `Celice’ started the whole place erupted and the security guy who had taken my flowers looked at me and laughed whilst putting his ear plugs in!!  As soon as the concert was finished we walked out of the doors and wouldn’t you know it..there we were at the VIP. entrance! Too good an opportunity to miss. We waited for a while and Pal came out first, then Mags. I congratulated them both on a fab concert and got my Wembley and Brighton tickets signed by them.

We were then informed that Morten would be coming down but not before he’d had something to eat!  I was kind of in disbelief as soon as he stepped out of the lift and came out to be amongst us. He was as charming as ever and my heart was pounding as he worked his way around to my side! One of the a-ha security(?) overheard me telling someone about how my photos had not come out before so he motioned to me to take my camera and take my piccie with morten. I was completely lost in that moment, all I can remember is how I sunk into his jacket and not wanting that moment to end. As he turned to wave goodbye I couldn’t say thank you enough to that member of the team that took the piccie for me and of course to you Morten, worth waiting 19yrs for XX.

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