Story by Joanne Beecham

My friend Julie and I went to Manchester and had the most amazing night. The guys were in great form, we were so hyped up, I can’t even remember the journey home 😂.

Then we went to Birmingham and met up with some a-ha fans we’d met on fan sites and some old friends who have jumped back on the a-ha train. The atmosphere was electric – young and old were bouncing and singing. We took my friend’s six year old daughter, who absolutely loved it. When she told her teacher at school that she went to an a-ha concert, the teacher showed the whole class on a large screen via the internet who a-ha are and the children thought it was amazing. The teacher even made a picture to hang in the window of Morten saying “to Martha’s mummy we love Morten too” 😂 bless them. However my six year old daughter was devastated she couldn’t go because we only had three tickets. So ‘Foot of the mountain’ has been on repeat in the car for school runs, I’ve trained her well haha.

Then to finish off we went to Le Zenith in Paris. WOW what a gig, we had our own little dance area on the side, had a great view and the lads were on fire. Absolutely awesome, the duet with Anneli was fabulous, she was such an added bonus, what a beautiful voice. Magne’s solo was my highlight and I only wished he had a piano to play acoustic version of ‘Crying in the rain’ -which six years ago propelled me into learning to play the piano. I’m not brilliant or anything, but it’s because of his awesome talent I have such a love for music.

After the second fake finale we left early to stand at the stage door to see if we could finally meet our idols. We were there first, and by the time the gates opened we’d been pushed to the back! Paul’s car came out and he signed some autographs. I was moved out of the way but I thought, that is ok, maybe Magne would come out. By the time he appeared, my friend and I had been completely bumped to the back 😞. I started the evening with my hair up, finished with it pulled down, some fans have no idea of respect to others and respect to the artists. It was like a rugby scrum. A very nice French lady who we had spoken to earlier managed to get my programme to Magne to sign which was fab, and my friend managed to get some photos of him. But it was so not an ideal situation. I felt really sorry for both him and Paul, and completely understand why Morten just drove past, manic sums it up. They do put up with an awful lot and give so much of themselves.


We have loved every single minute of our three tour dates and know we were extremely grateful to see them three times this tour. Over 31 years my friend and I have been to many concerts and have loved every minute of bring an a-ha fan. And even though we’ve never actually ‘met’ them, we are so grateful for them and their music.

Thank you for a wonderful tour and album which is stupendous. And literally leaves me humming a tune.

I really hope there is another UK leg of the tour or another tour one day, only so I don’t break my promise to my six year old daughter, to take her to see them live. And for me of course.

Thank you all for putting on a fabulous show. Its been a dream come true…. Love Joanne & Julie xxx

Top photo: Chris Gardiner || Manchester, UK concert
Bottom photo: Joanne Beecham || Paris, France concert

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