by ‘SanUK’ and ‘Dilou’

Thanks to ‘SanUK’ via the Official Forum and ‘Dilou’ for sending in additional information/clips from the concert in Paris!  ‘SanUK’ also sent us a review and setlist as published on, which you can read here.

From ‘SanUK’:

“On the French forum on, we had organised a surprise for the band to be made during Analogue: waving blue, red and white balloons, symbol for both the French and Norwegian flag, for their new album.

Then each member of the forum brought some non-inflated balloons + the document explaining how and when to do it to distribute to their neighbours, and we moderators had taken lots of balloons and docs with us to give away to the people queuing outside the Grand Rex, who were very happy to do something to show their support and love to the band!

When Analogue started, we blew the balloons up, and waved them in the air. It was soooo great!!!  But we’re desesperatly looking for any pics or videos 🙂 ”

From ‘Dilou’:

“I would like to share with you a footage I created (it is a mpeg file) with photos and videos taken during A-ha’s Paris Show, on Nov. 14, 2005.  In the first part, we have photos of our French A-ha Meeting.

In the second part, you will see some videos of the show, including Morten loosing his micro, Mags lifting Morten up on Take on me (for the highest note) etc. and other more serious moments!

In the third part, it is the exit of the group, when they signed autographs.

The link:

A lot of French fans downloaded it and they enjoyed it.  I hope English fans will enjoy it too!”

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