Just had to write about the concert I saw in Nottingham on the 9th, firstly because I’m a bit embarrassed that my last contribution was a bit girlie and over excited! And secondly because I’m a bit worried!

A-ha were fantastic yet again, Morten seemed to be struggling a little with his voice but not enough to sound bad or spoil anything but the atmosphere was very different from that of Birmingham and this is where my concerns lie.

Nottingham Arena is a strange venue, it isn’t big enough to generate the arena atmosphere that A-ha are used to, but it isn’t small enough to feel the intimacy between band and audience that smaller venues create. And whilst it was pretty full and people were certainly getting excited (myself included much to the annoyance of people sitting down around me…I ask you how can you not whoop for pleasure with A-ha in front of you!!!) I think the band thought it was a little too quiet!

Magne commented on how we were just warming up towards the end and he did have a fair point! I just don’t want this to put A-ha off coming back to Nottingham because there are many of us here who love them and their music. I love to see A-ha in big venues and they deserve it but I would love to experience A-ha on a smaller, more intimate scale where they are playing to the true lovers of their talents and not just people who want to relive the eighties.

A-ha are much more than that, their music has reached new levels that people who only remember them for “Take on me” find hard to understand and whilst I swoon with the rest of them at Morten, and Magne for me! Their music is the real reason why many of us have remained loyal followers!!

It was great to see the band on tour again and I hope it’s not too long before they are back my daughter and son are desperate to see their favourite band too and next time I’ll be so proud to take them with me!!!!

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