by Alexandra Cooper

I just want to thank A-ha for last night’s gig at Wembley in London. I had waited 3 long years for the lads to return to the UK, and was so excited to see them again. I never thought I’d get to see A-ha live once, let alone twice, as I was too young when they toured in the 80s and 90s. But both experiences have been so memorable and I’ll never forget what a wonderful time I had.

Last night, at Wembley, A-ha were quite simply incredible, wonderful, and beautiful! All the songs they played off ‘Analogue’ were amazing – they started the evening with ‘Celice’, and ‘Cosy Prisons’ was a particular highlight. Out of the old favourites, ‘Move To Memphis’, ‘Stay On These Roads’, and ‘Hunting High And Low’ were just some of the gorgeous songs to which I sang my heart out.

I only wish I’d been a bit nearer to the stage. Even being at the front of Block B was too far away, and if you’re short to boot…I stood on tiptoes the whole evening just to try and see my favourite band! But it was still an amazing time and I have a real sense of loss now it’s over. Counting down the next two or three years ’til A-ha return. I hope it’s not that long! Thank you Morten, Magne and Paul for being such an inspiration to me all my life, and please come back and play here again soon. You’ll be more than welcome.

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