To have such a book was my big dream, because I wanted to know more about a-ha, to get closer to them. They were so brilliant, so great, and at the same time so honest and open-hearted, in a word: they seemed so happy, that I felt they reached the higher skies, where no common man could get. And when I realized how far they are from me, I felt very lonely, just like I lost the sun.

So in this book I hoped to find their secret – how a-ha managed to become so happy. I hoped to understand them better and so to share their happiness.

But sometimes it happens when you find what you weren’t searching for.

The beginning is full of little interesting details. I already knew some of them, but there were some that surprised me. But then while reading I opened another reality. At first I was astonished to know that there are big difficulties in the guys’ relationships. I couldn’t believe it, but then I realized that it is real life and no skies. I remember I was sitting with the book, looking out the window and trying to think it through. I was surprised to know that they have complicated psychological problems, but on the other hand it proved their reality.

From what I learned about the guys it’s not everything that pleased me, but it’s ok and the truth of the book became the most important thing for me.

My favourite chapter is “Manhattan Skyline” for Paul and Lauren. Once I read what Paul said about choosing songs for Savoy or a-ha. Can you imagine that “Summer Moved On” could easily be replaced by “Man In The Park!” I love Paul the most in the band, but I really can’t agree with him that if a-ha had “Man In The Park” it would become a hit just as great as “Summer Moved On.”

Another reason to thank Jan Omdahl is that I learned more about Magne. I think I didn’t understand him very well, but now I opened such a nice characters of his nature.

The CD is really precious. Even in the early songs that never have been released, a-ha’s style is revealed. Also I must say something about the photos. The photos are quite unique, and I have no doubt all the fans would enjoy seeing Paul and Morten playing football or the early photos of the guys with the incredible hair. And I like very much the idea of presenting each album and showing the shots from the videos and guys’ comments on the albums and songs.

One of the most memorable things for me was one big photo of the audience at the concert: I recognized two girls I met at the concert in Moscow! They are very lucky indeed to get into the book 🙂

Also I can confirm what Jan Omdahl wrote about concerts in Moscow. The Kremlin Palace wasn’t the best choice from the venues because of the higher prices and very severe security. Although I could afford only balcony tickets, I managed to slip into the first rows. I know many people did the same, and it really saved the organizers, because they should be ashamed for the empty sections.

It’s not an ordinary biography with well-known facts, but for me it’s a piece of art, because it says: Don’t be blind. Don’t think you are different. You can make you dreams come true, too. Just look at them.

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