by Gonzalo R. García Nikilson

I want to share with you and the rest of the fans my a-ha fan videos so we can all enjoy them!!!

My inspiration about these videos is the music itself. When I listened to “She’s Humming a Tune” I was fascinated!!! I’ve been a fan since maybe 1987, when I was 6 years old. A big fan specially of the band in the 80’s period. So this song rung a little to that time.

While listening to it I though of a lonely woman lost in a city. She’s tangled in thoughts, trying at the same time to avoid them. I figured it could be a tad difficult to convey this idea in a video.

So instead of a woman I thought of Buenos Aires, where I live. A big city, busy and bustling every hour of the day. Suddenly I was editing the video. I starts with a woman, but carries on with a busy city, time lapses of nature and the city. I intended to show the differences between the city and the quiet wilderness.

I make a parenthesis here to explain a little extra. I come from a small city, close to the mountains. I relate quite well to “Foot of the mountain” because of this. I think the words express my exact idea that nothing bests the idea to live close to nature, or inside it. It can be a little messy to understand me, but I had all this in mind.

When “She’s humming a tune” appeared, it just happened. My beliefs of a calmer life in nature overlapped the idea of the woman lost in thought and that’s how the concept came up:

For the second video, it’s a simpler concept. The girls from A-HAMIGOS Fanclub wanted a video made of a selection of pictures with the song “Forest Fire” And they asked me to do it. Currently I’m planning on doing an animated clip for “Out of Blue comes Green” A song that I’ve always loved. So as soon as I get some free time, I’ll start it.

I love to make video editions like that for people I care, and stuff I like. So A-ha has been with me since my kindergarten days and they could not be less.

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