Clara Dodson

This is a story how 9 ladies from different countries, different walks of life got together and became friends; Andrea Marshall (UK), Aurelie Le Brettevillois (France), Clara Dodson (USA), Debbie Heath Martinez (USA), Lydia Geslin (France), Marilyn Reilly (USA), Melissa Singleton (UK), Natasha Murphy (Ireland) and Sara Sparkman (USA).

It starts off as a conversation between myself and 3 of the 9 ladies:

“Hi all. Debbie, Marilyn, Sara and I were messaging back and forth early one evening and it’s crazy how we got together.
We got together because of a man named Morten Harket, a band named A-Ha and the love of the music.”

Since there were nine of us, someone (Debbie) came up with a catchy name and that’s how we became the Naughty Nine aka “N9”. As it turns out the “N9” had the same dream to see Mr. Harket in concert in his homeland (Sara, Debbie and myself have never had the privilege to see Mr. Harket or A-Ha in concert anywhere). Concert tickets, airline tickets, convention and fan party tickets all purchased, passports gotten and the “N9” were on their way to Oslo.

Wait a minute, not the “N9”, the N8. That does not sound right, does it? We are missing someone. Someone very instrumental getting us all together. Sara!!!

Sara created a group on Facebook called “We want Morten Harket back in the USA”. Through this group the nine of us have become a tight knit family, not only Facebook friends but as sisters. As time went by, we have become so close that if we don’t hear from one of the “N9” on any given day, we get worried and keep checking around until someone has heard from the missing “N9” sister.

Debbie and I both know everyone felt so horrible, due to circumstances beyond her control, Sara was not able to afford to join the other members of our group in Oslo. However, Debbie and I wondered if the others could pitch in something, if we could make this work for Sara, surprise her and make her dream of seeing Mr. Harket in concert in his homeland a reality.

After searching late into the night Debbie and I found a ticket from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Oslo round-trip for around $900.00. We would like to think we’d do this for any one of the “N9”. We are in fact sisters till the end of time.

Because of the love for Mr. Harket and his music, “alone, we can do a little but together we are a force to be reckoned with”. In less than 12 hours we had banded together the “N9” pledged over $600.00 towards her ticket and the total is growing.

We are slowly getting the rest of the funds together, and are happy to say, that our group the “N9” will all be together in Oslo to see Mr. Morten Harket perform in person… A dream come true for all of us that have followed his career for 30 years (remember Sara, Debbie & I have never seen Mr. Harket or A-Ha).

I thought this story may be of interest, to show you how Mr. Harket’s music is relevant to bringing people together. We will be together in Oslo at the Sentrum Scene, October 24 & 25th and the convention and fan party. Only other dream to come true for the “N9” would be to have a photo opportunity with Mr. Harket. This would be the ultimate way to top off a fantastic weekend for the “N9” Sisters. Who knows when we will get this chance again…

We would again like to thank Mr. Harket and his music for bringing all of us together.


Clara Dodson
Your Kentucky Lady
A proud member of the “N9”

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