Story by Maria Gabriela Solimano, a-ha Argentina fan club

I send our pics of “Norwegian Spring A-haParty” April 9th, 2016.

Eirin Kallestad was our special guest, she is Norwegian and a few years ago moved here to Buenos Aires, Argentina. She performs “Stand-Up” and appears on TV in Argentina.

We had fun with her and we could ask her questions about A-ha and issues related to Norway: customs, food, etc.

We had a nice time, we sang, danced, met new a-hafriends and fully enjoyed the Norwegian spring.

little extract of interview with Eirin Kallestad:

pics of our A-haParty

little extract singing and dancing “Take on me” =)

Also I just made a video in Youtube of A-ha in “Ritmo de la noche” Channel TV “TELEFE” June 1991.

So just 25 years that they went to Buenos Aires, Argentina for first time.

Here is the link:

I sing an extract of “Cast in steel” in this video! =)

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