“The DJ is only playing a-ha songs tonight?”

As many of you may have heard, Harald Wiik, a-ha’s manager, had stopped by the fan party along with Dan and Erik – two of Morten’s backing musicians – and wound up staying for over an hour to enjoy the atmosphere and speak with the guests. He seemed surprised that the playlist was 100% a-ha songs (with a Morten solo song thrown in here and there). I assured him that this is what the fans want and expect at these events, and indeed everyone seemed very pleased with this arrangement!

A four-hour party may seem like a long time, but for those dancing and chatting with friends, the time just flew by. David Sowter, the professional DJ from Scotland, was busy playing requests all night long. One request came from a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary that weekend – “I Call Your Name” was their special song. One particular request came in several times: the music was too loud! This surprised me, because David has DJ’ed three parties for us now and he knows well how the guests like to talk and enjoy one another’s company – after all, not everyone wants to spend the evening on the dancefloor.

After there had been two requests to turn down the music, which David did to little effect, the Sentrum Scene sound person came over and explained a critical piece of information: there is a setting which automatically turns the volume down if it is too high for the space – and also turns the volume up if it is too low to fill the space..! This default setting meant that every time David attempted to turn down the music, the system adjusted itself back to its former volume. So to those guests who might have been disturbed by the volume of the music for the first 30-40 minutes, this is how it happened 😉

Once that issue was resolved, the rest of the playlist was the right volume and those who wanted to dance could do so, and those who wanted to chat or just enjoy the atmosphere could do that as well. And people did dance, all night long! We also had the 2010 fan party DVD playing on a big screen in the venue, so those who wanted to watch videos could sit and enjoy the DVD, which had captions including interesting historical facts about the band.

It was an amazing night! Thank you to everyone who attended and helped us celebrate a-ha’s 30th anniversary!

Photo: Patsy Craeye

Photo: Adry B

Photo: Martina Rammerstorfer

Photo: Anne-Marie Forker

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