One of the things we wanted to do in connection with the fan party and a-ha’s 30th anniversary was to make a contribution to a charity in the name of the band and the fans. Several good ideas were discussed among the party team, and eventually we agreed on making a donation to the Red Cross.

Party team member Gina van Haperen-Tijnagel was very interested in managing the collection, and took on the responsibility for it. She contacted the Norwegian Red Cross office ahead of time and arranged to use one of their collection boxes, which had a chain and lock on it to ensure the security of the donation funds. She also had a special sign made at her own cost, and spent quite a lot of time during the party and at the convention selling the charity raffle tickets.

As a prize for the charity raffle, we were pleased to have a signed original photo print by Stian Andersen, which Stian kindly donated to

Following the events, Gina took the full collection container back to the Red Cross office and together they counted the amount: just under NOK 4000! (about $700) The band has matched the donation from the fans, and according to the Red Cross representative, here is information about the fund it was donated to:

“I believe that the most relevant thing to donate money to in connection to Utøya is the Oslo Red Cross Search and Rescue Service. They are the volunteers trained to do first aid and search and rescue operations, and they are in constant need of funds for training and equipment.”

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the collection!

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