When we began organizing this year’s a-ha fan party in Oslo, Stella Danker – who had been on the party team before in 2011 – came forward with an interesting idea: she wanted to set up a table where she could create a-ha related nail art for other fans.

At first I wasn’t sure how well this would be received, or how many people would want to sit still for a manicure when there was a-ha music to dance to and friends to see! But Stella was willing to give it a try and see what the interest would be, and furthermore to donate any proceeds to the Red Cross at the end of the evening. So we arranged for Stella and her friend Marina to have a table at the party, and the electricity needed for her manicure appliances, and it turned out to be a big success!

Now we’ll let Stella tell her story, and we have pictures too!

Q: When did you start doing nail art?

I opened my studio in 2007, on December 1st. But over the last two years I have changed my approach. I’ve changed my conventional studio into a bio studio. This means that I use acid-free gels, work with natural power or rather the power of our own photovoltaic system, use only ecological cleaning products like “Ecover” and so on, and all drinks and sweets are also served in organic form. Therefore in Germany my Bio-studio is an absolute leader.

Q: How did you get the idea to do nail art with Morten and a-ha graphics?

The first time I made a-ha nails was last year for the “Keepers Of The Flame” party. I´d drawn the lettering with a brush on my own nails. The reactions of other fans were already great for this. Some months later I saw the album cover of “Out Of My Hands”, with the great silhouette of Morten and I immediately thought, this is a great design for nails! Currently I applied for exclusive nail art a special nail art film and I knew immediately, hereby I could bring “Out​Of My Hands” directly onto my nails, and so the new logo for this was born (Out Of My Hands = Onto My Nails ;-)). I prepared my nails for the concerts in Hamburg and Berlin, posted the photos on my FB studio page and received stunning compliments. So the idea was born, that I could make something the fans could enjoy at the fan party with my work. And the rest you know… 😉

Q: Did a lot of people get their nails done during the party?

I was very pleasantly surprised that so many fans liked to have their fingernails made. I estimate that I decorated around 60 nails.

Q: I saw that Dan Sunhordvik was sitting at your table for a few moments, could you tell everyone about that?

This was very funny! I recognized very late, that Dan and Erik arrived at the party. I was so engrossed in my work 😉 Marina told me some time ago: “I think that the guitarist is here …” But I understood: “I think Morten is here …” As I answered, “No, no, that’s only Thorsten from Hamburg. He looks a little like Morten and the fans always want to take pictures with him.”

So far so good. Some time later, I once looked up from my clients and discovered at the bar in my corner Dan and Erik and jumped up and said: “No, how cool, Dan and Erik are here!!” Marina did not understand the world anymore ;-))

Like last year with Karl Oluf I wanted to have my T-shirt signed again and wanted to have a little photo with them. So I went to the two and asked them about this. I do not know what prompted me, but I congratulated Dan on his excellent work and told him, that he would even have finished his work, while I must return to my work. I showed him my decorated nails and told him, that I’m doing this here for the fans. He was interested and I told him, I could make him an a-ha-nail. However, I meant it as a joke! But Dan replied: “Ok, we can do that!” And so he landed on my table … ;-)) This is a huge honor for me, especially when I saw his left thumb shining during the concert on Saturday!

Q: So overall how was the experience for you? Did you enjoy spending the evening this way?

I wanted to make something fun with the fan nails for everyone possible. Many take high costs to themselves to travel to Oslo and to be able to enjoy this weekend. So I wanted to offer them something that costs nothing, but gives them a longer beautiful memory of this weekend.

When I heard about the great fundraiser for the Red Cross, I thought, that anyone who wishes to have a fingernail made could choose to participate with this foundation as a volunteer by making a donation at an individual level. And I`m delighted that the fans have supported this action with 556 NOK!

I am very happy to receive from many fans on facebook: “Thanks for the nice fingernails”. And there always will be new photos.

I also will not forget the customer who jumped up spontaneously after work and thanked me for the great nails and gave me three kisses!

For questions about the nail art, I can be reached via my website www.stellas-nail-design.de or my Facebook site of Stella’s Nail-Design.

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