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I am writing to you as a long term a-ha fan. My story began when I was about thirteen, I admired them for years, then I abandoned them for a while because the genre of music I was listening to become wilder. Then as a busy mum I lost the track completely.

Their music was around, somewhere but not very close, and then after so many years I got a ticket for an a-ha concert in Glasgow. Here you need a bit of information about me. I was born in Poland, then after a difficult time in my life I moved to Scotland in 2008.

I could barely speak English at this time and there is still a lot to learn.

The concert on the 28th of March was absolutely perfect to me. I got everything I could imagine. Great range of songs, great music, perfect voice, amazing atmosphere and a real Magne, Paul and Morten in perfect shape. Finally everything come together, music and lyrics (which I could finally understand). From that day I am listening to a-ha constantly.

I have so much to catch up on. Each CD I am listening to carefully with attention and pure joy. I didn’t expect that something like this was gonna happen to me, I am in love again 🙂

As a creative person I have to admit that sometimes when the creative mode turns on, there is no way I can turn it off. I used to paint on glass, now wax has become my passion. I am trying to paint with wax, I make candles and wax lanterns with dry flowers sunk in it. But something else happened to me last Friday. I was driving a school bus ( this is what I do to pay my bills) and on one of my bus stops something come in to my mind, some words, so I took a pen and I wrote it down on a piece of paper. Then it happened to me a few more times that day. Every word in it is true, it just happened to me, I did not ask for it and what is the most strange I have never, ever written anything like this. No poems, no lyrics no stories, nothing.

It come to me I suppose, as a result of listening to a-ha (well I am sure, actually). So I would like to share this with you, with all the fans, and maybe one day Paul, Morten or Magne can look at it as well. Gentleman it could be a song. Could it be? Please do not judge me too harshly, I am not a writer and English is not my mother language.

Lots of love from sunny Scotland

”Rain of thoughts”
by RR

1. When the rain is falling as tears
I put your music in to my ears
You make me laugh, you make me smile
I feel like I could fly, but why?
2. I take you everywhere I go
to work, to walk, to bathe, to home,
My life is easier when you’re with me
maybe I shouldn’t feel I’m free?
3. The birds are flying in the sky
They show a love dance to my eyes
I’m watching them like hypnotized
Could it be us?
This time has past
4. My memories are far too old
your music takes me high and low
In sadness and in joy – I glow
When could we meet, were should I go?
5. I’m waiting for another tune
I’m waiting for another song
I’m waiting here for you to come
Please take me there where I belong
6. The tears are good, as good as rain
your music sinks in to my brain
and in my hart I feel the beat
could we meet? shall we meet?
7. The words come ease in to my hart
I feel like a teen-girl with tears in my eyes
I haven’t been there for years, by now
You took me there, please free me now !

Thank you a-ha,

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