by Marian

I was very happy I had opportunity to buy the new a-ha biography! Pity it’s not possible for anybody to buy the book, I mean it would be more of help for anybody interested in true, unbiased opinions of all three members of a-ha! So far, I’ve read either only superlatives as for the members or critique of their music and sticking them as one hit wonders…Both far from the truth actually.

I’ve learned very interesting things about personal life and attitudes of Morten, Paul and Magne. And I’m sure they’re not perfect at all – and that’s the way it should be. I found myself even not agreeing with some opinions, but that’s absolutely fine.

Anyway, I recommend this but not only for actual facts concerning the sales of every album, chart positions and other statistics but as well as presenting each member’s abilities, personal quality and talent not only for music…I like Magne’s work as music composer as well as an artist! I like Paul’s exceptional talent for writing great music and exploring new musical “dimensions.” I very much admire Morten’s unique voice, I see he still has a lot of things he can show us – not only his voice capabilities but his unique sense for expressing the feelings…

There’s always been a place for a-ha in my heart and I wish everyone had the possibility to “touch” their music, their performance and unique expression of very human feelings that are “hearable” in their songs!

And one final thought: there would be no a-ha when any of them would leave. That’s a plain fact! Good luck and long live a-ha!

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