Story by Cheryl Unsworth

I was unfortunate in the early 1980’s to be diagnosed with Leukaemia, and spent much time in and out of hospital.

On one of my visits I happened to be talking to the ward clerk about my love of a-ha and their music. Coincidentally that week someone from the charity ‘Dreams Come True’ called and asked if they knew of anyone who was seriously ill who had a dream. The ward clerk remembered our conversation and a while later with many other children with life limiting illnesses, parents, nurses and Margaret Hayles who ran the charity, we were off to Switzerland.

We spent many days in Montreaux, where the rock festival was held. Unfortunately Margaret didn’t realize I was there to meet a-ha, so I didn’t get introduced to them like one of the other girls, but later that week we all had a party and Morten was kind enough to attend for a short while. He was wonderful spending time with each of us and listening to my attempt at Norwegian!

Over the years I have followed them and been to many concerts but have never had good seats to get close to the band. Despite handing in gifts with letters explaining about our meeting when I had Leukaemia, I don’t think they ever got to Morten as stamped addressed envelopes asking for a signed photo were never returned.

I decided with this tour I would splash out on good seats, life’s too short to save for a rainy day. With Morten’s liking for scarves, I knitted him one and tied it in Norwegian ribbon with a letter again about meeting him 30 years earlier and asking for a 5 minute meeting with the whole band. The meeting that I missed out on 30 years before.

Due to travel problems they were late back to Birmingham, but Sebastian found five minutes for me to see Morten before they went on. It was wonderful to show him the picture of our previous meeting and to get another one.


I will love the band and the music until I leave this life, and it helps me through difficult times with my ongoing health problems. I am for the first time ever going to Norway to see them. It will be wonderful to see them in their homeland. Love to Morten, Magne and Paul.

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