by Renata Radzicka

am I right ?

by RR

1 You are a dreamer

You dream your life

You are a dreamer

Your days are nights

You are a dreamer

Your dreams come true

You are a dreamer

Please dream for me too

2 You are a dreamer

You don’t like to fight

You are a dreamer

You’r nice and kind

You are a dreamer

Your thoughts are bright

You are a dreamer

I know I am right

Happy Birthday Paul

a mystery

by RR

1 You are the one

with the perfect voice

with deep-blue eyes

you’re kind and nice

2 you are a father

you are a son

you are a brother

you are a man

3 but every time you sing for us

and every time you raise a glass

and every time you say ,, I do….

that many times they question you

4 I don’t want to know all history

for me you are a mystery …….

Happy Birthday Morten

I wish I was there

by RR

I had a dream of you and me….

your wife, your sons and family

and all your friends dancing around

a big cake with candles and a jumping clown

Sonja The Queen and all your band

a-ha, Apparatjik and Timbersound

and all of this I dreamed this Thursday

Magne I wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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