Site Design and Build

The design and build on the new a-ha website has been produced by Aspire Design Studios based in London. Aspire are proud to have been asked to be a part of the final stage of a-ha’s career, and wanted to create something that really stood apart from the separate albums and singles of the past 25 years, and highlighted the achievements of the band.

Aspire wanted to be able to add fun touches to what needed to be a simple design, to showcase the music, both live and recorded, to make using the site a little more exciting and to give fans the ability to share images and snippets, and create a community to celebrate both the past and future events.

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  • Knut Bry
  • Stian Andersen
  • Sandra Buster
  • Koen Clement
  • Sabine Clement
  • Judith Fasler
  • Monika Hein
  • Mike Hodgson
  • Kaare Jensen
  • Sorcha MacDonald
  • Petra Meier
  • Caterina Quaglia
  • Geoff Sexton
  • Jelmer ten Hoeve
  • Danielle van der Raaf-Bakker
  • Malgorzata Wojownik
  • Samantha Carey
  • Anne-Marie Forker


  • Wesley Myers


  • Dutch: Adry Beugelsdijk, Gerlinde Korterink, Dorien Petersen, Ma-Ray Larchangel
  • French: Sandrine Buffenoir, Martine Gagne, Lisa McGarry, Catherine Mols
  • German: Meike Beier, Conny Benzing, Stella Danker
  • Italian: Caterina Quaglia, Monica
  • Japanese: Mayumi Highbarger, Megumi Haraasa, Miko
  • Norwegian: Jakob Sekse, Locust
  • Portuguese: Laerte L. Lustosa
  • Russian: Maria Mikhailova
  • Spanish: Andrea Durán, Sarai León

With special thanks to the following contributors through the years:

  • Sue Carlisi
  • Sabine Clement
  • Kelly Cornacchia
  • Suzie Dent
  • Judith Falser
  • Helge Gallefoss
  • Judith Heinrich
  • Berte Hilmo
  • Nicola Hunt
  • Kaare Jensen
  • Frode Lamøy
  • Peter Losher
  • Sorcha MacDonald
  • Tor Marcussen
  • Petra Meier
  • Maria Mikhailova
  • Gjermund Moastuen
  • Wesley Myers
  • Ylva Neumann
  • Official Community
  • Jan Omdahl
  • Morten Øvestad
  • Caterina Quaglia
  • Sandra Schmelzer
  • Jonas Seehuus
  • Jakob Sekse
  • PA Stenersen
  • Monica Tonello
  • Pamela Torrance
  • Kleo Tuemmler
  • Marieke van der Veen
  • Evi Weissteiner
  • Thom Wrafter

Finally thank you to all the fans who have sent in news and media tips, photos, concert set lists, reviews, translations and videos! Your contributions have been a great help to us and are appreciated by all our visitors.