Continuing an epic year for a-ha, the Norwegian trio marks the 25th anniversary of their fourth studio album East of the Sun, West of the Moon, with a series of remastered and expanded album reissues.

Each reissue will feature the remastered original album, plus an additional disc of bonus content including demos, alternate versions and classic live performances. The sets are expanded further with new liner notes by renowned music journalist Kieron Tyler.

East of the Sun, West of the Moon will also feature a DVD of Live in South America, first released on VHS in 1993 and made available here on DVD for the very first time.

With nearly 50 previously unissued tracks across the three releases there is plenty to look forward to, including a selection of previously unheard gems with ‘Umbrella,’ ‘I’ll Never Find You In This Streetful City,’ ‘Thus Ended Our Love Affair,’ and ‘Evitar’ newly issued on Stay On These Roads; ‘Trees Will Not Grow On Sand’ on East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon and ‘Bar Room’ on Memorial Beach.



Track List:

Disc 1

1. Crying In The Rain
2. Early Morning
3. I Call Your Name
4. Slender Frame
5. East Of The Sun
6. Sycamore Leaves
7. Waiting For Her
8. Cold River
9. The Way We Talk
10. Rolling Thunder
11. (Seemingly) Nonstop July

Disc 2

1. Early Morning (Early Version)*
2. East Of The Sun (Early Version)*
3. I Call Your Name (Instrumental Demo)*
4. Slender Frame (Demo)*
5. Waiting For Her (Demo)*
6. Cold River (Demo)*
7. Trees Will Not Grow On Sand (Demo)*
8. Rolling Thunder (Demo)*
9. I Call Your Name (NRK Live)*
10. Manhattan Skyline (NRK Live)
11. Early Morning (NRK Live)
12. Slender Frame (NRK Live)*
13. Rolling Thunder (NRK Live)*
14. Sycamore Leaves (NRK Live)*
15. Crying In The Rain (NRK Live)
16. East Of The Sun (NRK Live)
17. (Seemingly) Nonstop July (NRK Live)
18. I’ve Been Losing You (NRK Live)

* Previously Unissued

DVD a-ha – Live in South America

1. The Sun Always Shines On T.V.
2. Cry Wolf
3. I Call Your Name
4. Slender Frame
5. Touchy!
6. Scoundrel Days
7. Rolling Thunder
8. I’ve Been Losing You
9. Early Morning
10. Take On Me

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