The deluxe remastered edition of a-ha’s debut album Hunting High and Low uncovers several unreleased gems such as an instrumental version of “Take On Me” and an early version of the same song called “Lesson One”; demos for “The Sun Always Shines On T.V.” and “Train Of Thought”; fan-favorite B-side “Driftwood,” plus tracks released exclusively in Norway like “Never Never” and “Dot The I.”

In this review of Hunting High and Low, Emily May writes, “It is a breathtaking debut album of enchanting, melancholic, electro-orchestral songs beautifully sung by one of the world’s finest vocalists, Morten Harket. The infamous “Take on Me” and majestic “The Sun Always Shines on TV” jostle for space with several other sublime tracks including “Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale”, which is painfully poignant and the gothic, lamenting “Here I Stand and Face the Rain”.”

J.D. Gilliam shares his thoughts about the album in this review:

“”Take On Me” was a tour-de-force, a debut of such brilliance that it refused to be ignored […] At the time, the band were seen as pin-ups, a position forced upon them that they were never totally comfortable with, but if you look beyond the posters and videos and actually listen to the lyrics, there is a lot more going on than three Norwegian men playing pop stars.”

J.D. continues, “Twenty-five years on, and after numerous changes in musical direction, the debut album stands proudly alongside the last, Foot Of The Mountain, as a companion piece. Hunting High and Low is a classic album that highlights all that was brilliant about the 1980’s as well as foretelling of a quarter century of creative genius that is finally coming to an end.”

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