A deluxe edition of the ‘Foot of the Mountain’ album – including two live tracks and three music videos – will be released on December 4 via amazon.de.

The tracklist of the deluxe edition of the album is:


1. The Bandstand
2. Riding The Crest
3. What There Is
4. Foot Of The Mountain
5. Real Meaning
6. Shadowside
7. Nothing Is Keeping You Here
8. Mother Nature Goes To Heaven
9. Sunny Mystery
10. Start The Simulator


1. Foot Of The Mountain (SWR3 Live Version)
2. Riding The Crest (SWR3 Live Version)
3. Foot Of The Mountain – Video
4. Shadowside – Video
5. Nothing Is Keeping You Here – Video

Please note that a live version of The Bandstand is not included on the DVD, as previously reported. We apologize for the confusion.

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