The music video channel VH1 has chosen the 100 best music videos ever. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson heads the list, and Madonna´s “Like a prayer” is number two. “Take on Me” is elected as number 8. Which is your favorite?

Michael Jackson has five other videos on the list, and Madonna is represented with six videos altogether.
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We have put up the ten best videos that head the list.
What do you think of the result?

1. Michael Jackson, «Thriller»
2. Madonna, «Like a Prayer»
3. Peter Gabriel, «Sledge Hammer»
4. Nirvana, «Smells Like Teen Spirit»
5. Guns n’ Roses, «November Rain»
6. Pearl Jam, «Jeremy»
7. Madonna, «Justify my Love»
8. A-ha, «Take on me»
9. Michael og Janet Jackson, «Scream»
10. Herbie Hancock, «Rockit»

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