Update: Pre-sale link

You can now pre-order the book from the publisher directly HERE.

The long-awaited official a-ha photo book by Norwegian photographer Stian Andersen will be released in September. The book will include photos from the years 1994-2010.

Stian has had a unique, long-term perspective on the band, and his photos document a part of a-ha’s story that has rarely been seen. According to the Press web site, “From 1994 until the farewell tour in 2010, [Stian] has been closer to the band and the guys than anyone before him, while traveling in cars, in hotels, at rehearsal, backstage and – as the only one ever – even in the studio, where he photographed Morten Harket recording the vocals to the Foot of the Mountain.”

Pre-Order Update:

Fans worldwide will be able to pre-order the book from Press from 10:00am on July 2 until September 1. The pre-order book price is NOK 524. You can choose whether to pick up the book in Oslo, or have it shipped to your home (shipping and handling charges will apply).

The books will be available for pick up at Sentrum Scene from Septmber 14 for those who can collect it in Oslo that weekend. Note that you do not have to attend the a-ha anniversary events or Morten’s concert in order to collect your pre-order book; it will be available at the Sentrum Scene entrance for you to collect.

The book will only be available in a limited quantity, and it is possible it may sell out during the pre-sale or very soon thereafter; be sure to order your copy as early as possible!

The general public sale for the photo book will begin on September 15, and the price will be NOK 600. During the general sale, the book will be available online, in some Norwegian book shops and at Sentrum Scene – depending upon availability.

As we posted in March, Stian Andersen will be at the a-ha convention on Saturday, September 15 for a book signing. We will post more information about this in late August, when the full convention schedule is published.

Also, in connection with the book release, there will be a photo exhibition at Stolper and Friends gallery in Oslo. We do not have confirmed dates for the exhibition yet, we will share the information as soon as it is available.

Book Details:

Number of Pages – 304
Size / Binding – Hardback, 24.5 cm x 34 cm, high quality paper

Pre-order Dates – July 2 through September 1 for pickup in Oslo OR shipping to your home
Pre-order Book Price – NOK 524 (+ shipping and handling for those not picking up their copy in Oslo)
Pre-order Vendor – Press (online)
Pre-order Shipping Date – September 15

General Sale Start Date – September 15
General Sale Book Price – NOK 600 + shipping and handling
General Sale Vendors – Press (online), Norwegian bookshops and at Sentrum Scene

Book Signing Session – September 15 at Sentrum Scene
Photo Exhibition – Dates to be confirmed / September timeframe at Stolper + Friends

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Too bad for us fans who don’t live in Oslo and are unable to attend the concert. If I read this article right, it means that I have to wait until september 15th to order the book. There may be no books left for sale? And if there are any, I not only pay more but also shipping and handling as well? No book for me then.

I agree with WendyVH. Its not fair that those who cannot go to Oslo (as much as I would love to be there) may end up going without a book because they could all be sold out. I think we should be able to order them at the same time as people who can pick them up, I don’t mind paying the postage if I have to. I just want one of those books.

What would be fair, is that everyone can pre-order for 510 nok and those who aren’t able to go to Oslo pay for shipping and receive the book at home.

I completely agree with WendyVH and Burtonl; I’d really like to have a copy but I won’t go to Oslo in September.
Why can’t I pre-order my copy anyway from July, 1st at NOK 510 + shipping and handling exactly like the people that will make it to Oslo will do?!
Honestly I find it a bit frustrating…

🙂 <3 A-HA <3

joanne skinner2

really not fair loads of aha fans wont be able to get their hands on this what we presume to be a very significant book 🙁 🙁

Marije Jonkman

I find it a bit weird to say the least, that I can not even buy this long awaited book here in Holland. It means I must buy the book in Norway which is way to expensive. I’m very dissapointed.

I cant believe that this is not available on-line !
Please somebody in Norway contact me to help me get one of these books ! (Google Al Andrew for my details in Umhlanga South Africa)

Cmon a-ha.com make a plan here !

when will the photo album be available in Los Angeles? will the book be offered like in sites such as ebay?

i’ve seen pictures of the three musicians in a local museum, but would they be included?

thanks for everything.

Thank you all for your comments. Please read the new information above about pre-orders. We apologize for overlooking some difficulties with the first arrangement.

For those outside Norway, the book will be available online through the publisher. We will post more information about this by July 1 when the presale begins.

@ Alfredoes – the photo of a-ha which is included in Sir Peter Blake’s exhibition at Stolper & Friends was taken by Janne Moller-Hansen, who is a different photographer 🙂 Therefore this photo will not be included in the book.

This is great news re: pre-order update. Thank you so much for making changes. I know that I won’t be the only one who cannot make it to Oslo and would LOVE a copy of this long awaited book. I am now thrilled that I will be able to order online and have the book delivered to my home 😀

I cannot wait to see Stian’s amazing pictures of our favourite band <3

Marije Jonkman

Why isn’t it still not possible to pre order this at e bay or amazon.com or anywhere else in Europe. It’s still way to expensive to buy the book in Norway and have it shipped to, for example in my case the Netherlands. It’s a shame for all the fans who wo’nt be able to buy this beautiful book. I was realy looking forward to this book, but now I cannot buy it because of the money.

Thank you for changing the pre order sale. Like Marije I was shocked to find out that S&H to the Netherlands is 365 NOK. Even an original Magne litho didn’t cost me that much to ship. Luckily I’m in the position to buy the book but I can understand that some fans aren’t able to buy it after all which is a shame.

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