Press Release from Mercedes-Benz Norway 31.Jan 2001

The concert in Oslo 24 March will be broadcast live to the entire world via the Internet.The live webcast will take place at the Mercedes-Benz Norway website at

As the first Nordic pop group A-HA is launching a concert at the end of
March which will simultaneously be broadcast live to the entire world via
the Internet. Only a select group of performers, including Madonna, Paul
McCartney, Robbie Williams and The Backstreet Boys have done this before.
This concert is held in conjunction with the opening of the new event hall
Valhall in Oslo on the 24 and 25 of March. The live webcast will take place
on the 24 of March via the Mercedes-Benz Norway website. It is the first
time in seven years that A-HA is playing together on their home turf, and
the first time in history a live webcast of this format is originating from

According to Managing Director Yngve Nygaard of Mercedes-Benz Norway, the
automaker’s involvement in the live webcast of the A-HA concert is part of
innovative and untraditional marketing. The popular Norwegian music group
Briskeby will also perform at the concert. Mercedes-Benz Norway is the main
sponsor of both concert and live webcast. In recent years Mercedes-Benz
Norway has won several awards for innovative sales campaigns on the
Internet. “Norway is actually seen as a pioneer regarding new and exciting
marketing within the Mercedes-Benz system. A-HA stands for a number of the
values Mercedes-Benz associates itself with, and live webcast is an
innovation,” says Nygaard. He emphasises that the launching of the new
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sport Coupé in Europe the same weekend as the A-HA
event is no coincidence.

Mercedes-Benz Norway is collaborating with MSN (Microsoft Network) and
Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) to deliver this unique event to a
potential online audience of millions Europe-wide. MSN has an unparalled
track record of successful webcasts including the record breaking Madonna
concert from London’s Brixton Academy and, Sir Paul McCartney’s return to
the Cavern Club in 1999. As the technical project director, Accenture is
to provide quality assurance for the entire webcast.

Mercedes-Benz Norway is a separate business unit of the Bertel O. Steen
Group, one of Norway’s largest service and commercial companies, with about
1,850 employees and consolidated sales of NOK 5.6 billion in 1999. Bertel O.
Steen, which celebrated its 100th anniversary on 6 January this year, is the
importer of Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Daihatsu and Kia automobiles. The
company is also involved in retail sales through 22 dealers, an independent
chain of repair shops, property, finance, sporting goods, ship generators
and as a dealer of industrial products.

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