In early 2014, author, literary scholar and a-ha fan Larissa Bendel released a book called a-ha-Effekte: Die Geschichte einer Leidenschaft für Popmusik (translatable as “a-ha-effects: The story of a passion for pop music”).

Initially published in German, Larissa tells us that the English edition a-ha Moments has just been published and is now available through Amazon worldwide both as an eBook as well as a print edition.

The book deals with her own life as an a-ha fan and as the leader of the official international fan club of a-ha from 1988-1998. The book, published by Telos Verlag, is autobiographical, personal, analytical and full of anecdotes, stories, and observations. It also contains a few pictures. But, for once, the band is not the focus of attention, but rather her own perspective that explores, evaluates and critically deals with fandom and the relation between stars and fans.

Both Magne and Morten have offered support for the book, the former contributing a quote to use and the latter by taking a picture with Larissa and a pre-edition of the book.

a-ha Effekte

Ordering information for the German edition can be downloaded here.

Buy the English edition: || ||

As you may recall, in 2011 Larissa published a book about her particular relationship to the ‘Hunting High and Low’ album. The book was published in a series of ten Norwegian books by the paper Morgenbladet and Falck Forlag in order to honor the ten best Norwegian albums ever at the top of the “Topp100” list that had been voted for by Norwegian musicians.

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