There will be a national memorial service after the attacks on the executive government quarter and Utøya, and a-ha will perform as part of the ceremony which will take place at Oslo Spektrum on August 21.


Here is a statement from Morten, Magne and Paul:

On 22 July, we, like everyone else in Norway and the rest of the world, were shaken to the soul by these actions of cruelty and violent provocation against everything we stand for. We are also very proud to belong to a small country where people, politicians and the royal family worked together and showed solidarity in the face of such tragedy, and we are grateful to be asked to participate in the memorial ceremony.

We do this to honor those who have been torn away, to show appreciation to everyone who made an effort to help on July 22, and to express our sympathy to the survivors who now are left in sorrow.

Following the attacks, many of our fans posted messages of concern and support on our Facebook page, and we are touched as always that members of the worldwide fan community feel such a strong tie with Norway. Here are just a few of the kind messages we received:


“Can’t help but think of the band during this horrible time of tragedy…my thoughts are with you, your families, and the beautiful people of Norway.” ~ Lisa B.

“Norway, a-ha fans across the world feel your pain right now.” ~ John K.

“I’m so sorry about what happened in Norway yesterday; I hope you and your families and friends are ok. Be strong.” ~ Alysson S.

“Thoughts are with the people of Oslo, a place close to my heart as it brought me the best band in the world. Love you a-ha x” ~ Jennie E.

“Norway gave us the most amazing band in the world. I’m therefore sending good thoughts and much compassion to the Norwegians after today’s atrocities. You will rise above this.” ~ Claire G.

“I pray to God with all my heart that you three and your families are well and safe. God bless Norway and their people and God bless you a-ha x” ~ Tracey M.

“We are here for you Norway.” ~ Charlotte P.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Norway in this very sad moment. a-ha I grieve with you for the loss of your dear people.” ~ Juliette B.

“Bless Norway and its people, especially the victims of the tragedy and the people who love them.” ~ Geoffrey H.

“Dear a-ha, I’m so sad…our thoughts are with all people in Norway. All a-hafriends are with you. Kisses from Argentina.” ~ Maria Gabriela S.

“Love and blessings to Norway. May your country only grow stronger from this tragedy.” ~ Bridget S.

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Press Release

For more information about the ceremony program, please read this press release.


If you missed the live web broadcast from the memorial service, you can see a-ha’s performance of ‘The Sun Always Shines on TV’ on YouTube now:

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I was just talking about that with some other a-ha fans. I think the boys heard us. God bless all souls!

I somehow knew that if any service is were to be held, it wouldn’t be complete without You guys. But I would rather you hadn’t performed ever again than performed on such a sad occasion…

How wonderful that a-ha are reuniting to take part in this memorial service. That is such a beautiful gesture. It will be very special. I just booked to fly to Oslo from the Friday until Sunday night. I want to be there and can’t believe I was able to book to come. Our hearts are with the people of Norway and thank you a-ha.

I hope they perform a new song. 🙂 If not, I think “differences” would be a perfect choice for this tribute.

My heart-felt condolences to peaceful and beautiful Norway, the friendliest country (in my experience) on Earth. I hope Magne, Morten, and Pal, as well as their families, are all well.

What we can do is standing tall all together against the terrorism, the answer through the music that has a magic power, it can gather all the people from all the world and share a massage of hope and peace. I’m so proud of Norwegian people and so proud of you guys.

Great news, we miss you guys

my thoughts for Norway ♥

Such a good and honourable idea. On this planet with so much horror your light shines strongly! I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting Norway, but I know the time is getting nearer. My best wishes go to you and everyone there.

I totally agree with Lilian08. Rare and lucid words, friend. I only have to say Glod bless Norway and A-ha as well for a future reunion in a right moment.

I regret that I won’t be able to go to Oslo this month… I was there in the end July. I arrived 23rd of July, one day after Utoya and bomb attacks in Oslo… I was there when the memorial service was held in Cathedral of Oslo… I cried a lot that day … I’m glad that our beloved band will reunite for this one event, but I wish that the reason was other for this reunion …but we can’t turn back time … I deeply thankful that you will play again showing how united NORWEGIAN NATION CAN BE!!!! I love you A-ha 🙂

I would like to express once again my sorrow for what happened. Norway did not need such a horrible act of hate.
I was impressed for how Norwegian reacted. I always thought you are beautiful people and I love Norway and its people every day more.
I’ll never stop saying that by responding with love to hate Norway gave the world a love lesson. If people learned love there would be no hate.

So nice to have the guys back for one day, but I wish it was for a different reason.

Spain, and the whole world, is with Norway in this such difficult times. I hope a-ha and their relatives are all OK.

As OutOfBlue said, “Differences” would be a perfect song for the memorial. Any song will be welcome anyway 😉

Love and greetings

joanne skinner2

this is an extremely heartfelt and selfless gesture from all three guys, and of course the other bands that will take part xxxxxxxx

Such a tragedy yet the Norwegian nation responded ina united, dignified way and so pleased a-ha are expressing their part in that. While Magne, makes the careful choice to postpone his upcoming art exhibition in Oslo and Hirst’s ‘The Souls’ butterflies take place how fitting that a-ha should play their butterfly too.
With what is happening in the UK now too, we should be remembering what the real nature of the human spirit should be and feel humbled both those that suffered.

My deepest respect! It’s a beautiful gesture. Only it’s sad that such a terrible disaster is the reason for this ‘coming together’. My thoughts are with you all and all the people of Norway. Love you guys!


A-ha’s art and personalities influenced me and moved me for years and years….And probably until the end. I did feel rather uncomfortable reading this news. Not so much for A-ha being part of it, the band is Norway’s best export and Morten, Mags and Paul are great ambassadors for this beautiful country.
I just feel uncomfortable with a memorial service so early after this tragedy. I am trying to put my feet into the shoes of a mourning mother or sister, or auntie, friend, or girlfriend of the poor teenagers who have lost their lives so suddenly.
Grieving is such a long process, maybe they just want to be left alone and maybe they don’t really feel that their personal tragedy is a Norwegian loss.

it is just their loss. As human beings we can only want to express compassion and sympathy for the grievings.

Music has definitively the power to soothe and help through probably the most painful process for humans.

And hopefully this is what it is about. Shall it be at Oslo Spektrum, broadcasted on TV?

I don’t know…I understand what Norway is going through and I understand the monarchy and political class want to show the world they are all together and strong.

But I just can’t help feeling weird there will be this huge ceremony whilst the families have just buried their loved ones.

I sincerely hope I am totally wrong on this one but I felt the urge, for the first time ever on the website, to express how I feel.

I feel for Norway and for its people. When a human bleed, it is the whole of humanity that hurts. Norwegians will always have a soft spot in my heart, thanks to A-ha and maybe after all, this ceremony will be arranged in great taste and dignity.

Thoughts and prayers for all the victims of this tragedy

God love us all


A fitting memorial that would not have been complete without a-ha. I think the guys are pretty selfless agreeing to do this, good on them. As for what songs to play I think Lifelines and Stay On These Roads would be appropriate for the service.

oh guys, i cannot believe something so tragic has happened in Norway, For you to perform again is just so kind. I would give anything to be able to attend as we missed the final show due to snow in the uk and had our flight cancelled on the 4th of december. If it feels so right to perform again I wish you would just consider the odd small tour now and again, we dont expect or worry about new stuff but even after 8 months its so hard without you guys.I don’t think you know how much you actually mean to us fans, you are such a part of our lifes. all the best. Rob

Since I knew about this awful event I thought of you , I said “I’m sure they are going to support them because they have a huge heart”. I have been sad since then because is not possible in a paceful country happened this things. My heart have been with Norway and will always been. A-ha has been a simbol of peace, their songs are full of love, friendship, peace, freedom, good vibrations for life, and at this moment we need them, thanks to be present and all the world will be with you on august 21st. I send all my love and good thought to Norway. And I pray for all the Norway people and return of peace they have always had.
God bless you and bless them

I think the gesture of you guys after all is pretty much your beloved country, we’re all Brazilian fans there with you guys, our prayers and our plea for peace, not only in Norway and around the world, remember we love you guys.
Kisses from Brazil.
ps: we miss you.

a-ha again! thanks god, Brazil together norway and a-ha!!!!

Es maravilloso poder verlos juntos nuevamente …no esperaba menos de ellos … siempre consecuentes con el dolor ajeno … apoyando causas humanitarias …
Es extraño volver a verlos aunque sea en estas condiciones y me uno tambien al fuerte dolor del pueblo Noruego … mis cariños por ellos y su gente es inmenso y se que su aporte musical trasciende lo meramente artistico … ..Mags, Pal y Morten … seres excepcionales que tambien ha sido golpeados por el flagelo de una tragedia sin parangon para el pueblo noruego …


I’m back from work, and is the best news what could see… I thank you, sirs Paul, Morten and Magne.There´s no way to think in Norway and not to mention A-ha, or the reverse.
That´s a great and wonderful gesture of solidarity and affection for with the family of the victims. Truly a noble act! As a brazilian fan I feel very touched .Greetings from Campo Grande! :):):)

A truly wonderful and selfless gesture…my thoughts and prayers are with you and your country.

How wonderful is to read, that guys reunite to perform a concert. The reason is tragic, but it is a chance to see a-ha together again.

The news of the boys performing together brings a ray of hope that one day they would reunite again for good.
My thoughts and prayers go out to all the Norwegians. Together we stand in good times and in bad. <3

Let the Light on the August 21 be so strong to transform the Darkness of the attacks into Love! We all be with you! ♥♥♥

I’m very proud of Magne, Morten and Paul’s decision to reunite just for this memorial.

I’m still feeling very sad and helpless in front of the tragedy that hit Norway on July 22nd, and I hope that the power of music and the feeling of solidarity can alleviate a little the deep sorrow of Norwegians, at least for a while…

Thoughts and love from Italy: stay strong, Norway!!

I somehow knew that you would contribute to the
healing process for your country in a way like this. I played “Lifelines” a lot when the story first broke and think some of the lyrics are very relevant.

How sad the events in Norway has been last July, is strange to say that I’m so happy that A-ha will be on stage performing again, unfortunately in difficult circumstances. It touches my heart to know that it’s possible you guys can be on a stage together and I strongly hope that this can be done again in future on special occasions, or why not, just because you suddenly realise how much you miss performing as A-ha. Please don’t forget the fans all over the world. Here in Belgium, the A-ha music sounds every day, as I’m sure in many other countries. Once an A-ha-fan, always an A-ha-fan. We miss you so much!!

Dear Morten, Mags and Paul,

I,m so glad that you are allright! My thouhgts are still with you and the rest of the people of Norway.
What a wonderful way of supporting your magnificant country and your fellow norwegians!
I think ´Butterfly,Butterfly´ will be a great song to express the strong power of a new beginning. Norway has spread a very strong message of LOVE to the rest of the world!
Jeg elsker dere og Norge. Jeg skall alltid komme tilbake.
Vi ses!

Take care.

Tosca (the Netherlands)

For us who are fans would be great to see the band again, but on this occasion will be something of solidarity and kindness on the part of the band a-ha … kisses and I love you so much

It is very important the solidarity of the band right now

Dear Morten, Magne and Pal,

My deepest respect ! After 25 years A-ha, not only as A-ha members but also as a person, i really would say again RESPECT. When i heard the news about Oslo i was in France (holiday)……Horrible news. My dear Oslo, i could not believe it……..I wish you all the strenght for the 21.Must be difficult… Wish there really was another reason that you all three guys came back on stage ! But A-ha is Oslo, and Oslo is A-ha. Together and for always in our minds………….Big hugg and kiss from the Netherlands: Esther X.

Oslo, city of my heart
Oslo, you have lived a day of horror
Oslo, that terrible mistake
Oslo, of one man in a rage
Oslo, injured your whole country
Oslo, injured all countries
Oslo, I think about you
Oslo, I am there for you
Oslo, as you are there for me
Oslo, I am fan of a-ha
Oslo, I think about those who lost their lives
Oslo, I think about their families and friends
Oslo, since that beautiful summer day
Oslo, you’ve changed, and continue to cry
Oslo, you still wonder why
Oslo, why this guy did not go out for a walk
Oslo, July 22nd 2011, I can never forget
Oslo, because I am myself affected
Oslo, I am wholeheartedly with you.

what a great thing a-ha are going to do on the 21.08.11. my heart goes out to all the people of Norway. may they find peace, love at this sad time. I will be in Oslo on the 02.12.11 for a few days what a great place Oslo is can’t wait to go will visited the church to say a pray for all. keep safe & well.I also agree with Lillian08. Jo x

I’ve never visited you
Your People
The Passion for life
Your humble beauty
Will continue….despite this tragedy.
Your prime minister is a hero.
Because he asked for unity and love instead of force and more police.
I don’t know him but he is the most sensible, magnificent politician.
And a-ha, what a band!
The bittersweet mix of joy and sadness of the songs that have become the soundtrack of so many lives including mine. Far far away in Sydney, Australia, watching your last concert DVD and listening to Butterfly seems so surreal…
Morten, Mags, Pal and all Norwegians touched by the recent tragedy.
May God Bless You.
And in the words of another famous Scandinavian Band “Thank you for the music”.

Arriving in Norway the 23th of July for our holiday, I cannot find the words that express my feelings about things that happened. I continue in Norwegian, that is easier for me. Jeg tenkte bare på unge mennesker som fikk gruesomme opplevelser på Utøya, på offrene og etterlatte familier og venner. Jeg har følgt alt på norsk TV siden jeg (fast turist fra Nederland) forstår norsk. Det er godt at artister uttrykker medfølelser også.

It is fantastic that A-ha are getting together once more for this cause, they are fantastic guys, a fantastic band and i’m sure their support will go such a long way for their fellow Norwiegans. Such a horrible tragedy. Big love to all in Norway from all the UK A-ha Fans x x x x

When lives are in turmoil after a tragedy, we look to those important rocks in our lives to help us through the difficult times. A-ha reuniting for this memorial is another demonstration of the strength and solidarity that Norway, as a country, has shown. Morten, Magne and Paul have always conducted themselves with dignity and they have yet again demonstrated their strength of love for their country. This is one of the reasons why a-ha will always be in the hearts of the Norwegian people and fans alike. They have been a rock in many people’s lives for so many years and will always continue to be.
There will never be any justification for what happened and no one will ever forget what horrific acts took place on 22nd July 2011. An act intending to tear Norway apart, only served to strengthen the spirit and community of the Norwegian people.
My heartfelt sympathies go out to all of those affected by this devastating tragedy. May you all find peace and comfort in the coming months. Your loss will never be forgotten.

I was discussing those horrible events with my 7 year old. She cannot comprehend (being 7) the depth of the suffering and pain of the families and friends of the victims. However, she did suggest ‘Crying in the Rain’ as a suitable song for A-ha to play as she was sure that ‘the Mammy’s and Daddy’s would still be crying for their children’. Go dtuga Dia suaimhneas dá anam as we say in Irish (may they rest in peace)

I think somehow, that I do not have the right to cry so much, because I have observed the dreadful event on the 22nd of July only from a distance. Nevertheless I cannot stop my tears, because on this day something has broken in me. The news that A-ha takes part in the memorial ceremony lets me dream a bit again and leads me back on my way, because nobody knows what kind of surprises and changes a new day brings. Thank you.

Im so proud of a country like Norway, because of this unity . Im so sad because of all this violence. Glod bless Norway and Norwegian. And God bless A-HA. You are deeply in our hearts.

Thinking of you at this time. Your Canadian fans will be with you in healing and prayer.
God be with you as you heal together.

<3 <3 <3

24 million Aussies are united with Norway in grief and sorrow. Our hearts and prayers are with the families and survivors. Thank you A-HA for reuniting and performing for your people. Your contribution will help so much in the healing process. God Bless

You have never failed to please, guys. I’ll be seeing you on the 21st 🙂 xxx

The group A-ha is far beyond being just a band, they gain more solidarity shown by its audience.

If we have to wait,
that is to harvest the good seed
Today we launched in the soil of life.
If it is to sow,
then it is to produce
millions of smiles
solidarity and friendship.


Sucesso no show de 21 de agosto.

The happiness of great Men
is to bring love and solidarity
who nessecita.

I was shaken by the news on all what happend in Norway at the end of July. It made me stunned and sad. I feel sorry for all the victims over there.
Maybe I’ve had some touch of a thought that it would be great that a-ha, the best band ever, would come and present any song in honour for all persons concerned. But I even did not try to finish this thought (or dream) of a reunion of that band even if this would last for only some minutes. The more speechless I am since I read these news some hours ago. Thanks a-ha for showing this honour to the victims of the attacks happend in Norway.

Dear Friends of Norway from Uruguay my condolences to all families, a big hug and strength to continue. This has been a painful time for the peaceful life of our nations has traveled the world leaving us all very saddened by so much injustice. Sincerely Ana L.

My thoughts and prays are with you Morten, Magne and Paul and with your families and all the people of Norway. I couldn’t believe it when I heard that such a tragic thing had happened in Norway as I was there in 2006 and it is such a friendly and beautiful country. My thoughts will be with you all on the 21st of August when you re-unite for the memorial service and you are such wonderful guys who give so much to others. I miss you a-ha and listen to your music most days. Your music will always be part of my life and I thankyou for your precious gift of music that has made so many people happy.
Bless you all.
Love Kerry xxx

I really appraciate your choice, guys. Your souls are great. I am close to you and to Norwaygian people in this terrible moment. I miss you so much. You’ll always be in my heart. I love you. Robbie

To all our friends across the world, although this is an invitation only event, to show our support to the people and survivors of Utoya, Oslo, please spare a minute of thought tomorrow and join us all in supporting them and our favourite band at this very sad time, thank you xxx♥

Please leave your message of support or just your thoughts many thanks Angie Howard xxx<3

My toughts are with the brave people of Norway who taught us all what peace and racial integration can mean.

Chiara, Italy

I am so very proud of a-h; they are such wonderful, thoughtful, caring, selfless guys who always think of others and are not at all ‘fame hungry’ like some celebs!! I was so upset and I cried when I read of the tragic events in Norway & Utoeya. My Hubbie & I hoped that a-ha would do something in memory of the victims, similar to the horrific murders in 2001. Tomorrow will be a bitter-sweet re-union for our lovely guys and their compassion and their warmth never ceases to impress me so much. As a fan since I was 10 yrs old, I have proudly told my family & friends about tomorrow and I will be watching the Service on the internet. I have read today on a Norwegian site about which song they will be singing, however, I do not want to share this info incase people don’t want to know before tomorrow.
My heart and my thoughts go out to all of Norway and I put several messages of condolence on the Fan Area Memories page last month.
God Bless & God Speed Norway. I hope you will recover, you have the strength and the compassion.
Lots of Love to Norway & to a-ha XXXXX

Sorry I made a typing error, the first line should read; I am so very proud of a-ha

I have also read online that a-ha do not want tomorrow to be about them. Bless them, always so thoughtful.

Hope all goes ok tomorrow for a-ha, I’m sure they will be nervous as it will be such a bitter-sweet occasion.

I Love You guys & I miss you, I’m soooo proud of you all, Take Care, Love & Hugs, Amanda XXXXX

PS. Eventhough I will not reveal which song they will sing tomorrow, I can confirm the song a-ha will sing will be a very well known, apt and poignant and appropriate song for the occasion and with Morten’s angelic voice I’m sure the audience and viewers will be moved to tears! XX

I thought I was prepared for this, but you had a grown man in tears. Pulling myself together to say THANK YOU.

I watched the video of the performance with tears in my eyes. Just beauiful.

Thank You…. very much! Your Performance was very dignifying as the whole memorial ceremony! Just did it perfect….

Together Once, Together Forever.
Thank you so much for being there together.
Thank you so much for your your breathtaking and emotional performance.
We love you.

Fikk se alt på NRK-TV og jeg (nederlender) skjalv igjen som ofte etter 22. juli.
’Stay on these roads’ var vakker, Sissels stemme var vakker med sangen ’Til Ungdommen’ og det gjelder alle artister der og da.
Og om resten av seremonien…jeg kan bare si at jeg fortsatt tenker på dem som omkom og dem som har det så tungt og at jeg vil bidra for fred som mulig for en person.

A-HA you were amazing! The memorial ceremony was a wonderful way to remember the lives that were lost on the 22.07.11. AN IRISH BLESSING,
May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rain fall soft upon your fields & until we meet again,
May God Hole You in the Palm of His Hand.


sorry for the miss spelling i hit the wrong letter on the key board.The blessing should be May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rain fall soft upon your fields & until we meet again,
May God Hold You in the Palm of His Hand.

Jo x


I watched the complete broadcast of the Memorial. And despite having wounded heart for the pain to the victims so young, I felt deeply grateful to A-ha. And mainly because Morten did a wonderful performance singing my favorite song, Stay on These Roads. Very handsome, was a great gift! Thank you A-ha!!! I’ll never forget…:)

Very very emotional.

My condolences to all the Norwegian people.

Hi, i`m Ildikó from Romania and i only whish to say that i hope that those “things” will never ever happen again in Norway or any country on earth. Nobody diserves that. I really hope that what happened in jully won`t change at all the tolerant and kind Norwegian people.About the concert, the song a-ha sang”stay on these roads” simply touched me in my heart.Thank you.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with our Norwegian brothers and sisters.

From personal experience of your music in my life, I’m sure your lovely presence and participation lifted the hearts of the families and friends of the victims and reignited pride in all Norwegians. My favorite song, Stay On These Roads, now takes on another greater meaning to me, it already moves me more since my husband was transferred so far from me to work in the Demo. Rep. of the Congo last year and for two more years. Your sweet personalities and all of your wonderful music and videos have always lifted my spirits, especially when I went through a painful three-year illness, many hospitalizations, a divorce after 19 years of marriage, and the deaths of my two Dalmations. These are why my wonderful new husband took me to England to see you on your farewell tour as part of our belated honeymoon.

I truly hope Morten, Paul and Magne read this as you may not fully know how your talents and presence in our lives during your 25 year career have touched us in many ways and again now, especially to your Norwegian family. We are proud of you for reuniting for this momentous occasion.

Peace be with all of you and your loved ones and a warm embrace from Amanda in Arizona, USA, and John in the DRC.

Norway! We are with you. Our hearts feel the pain as well 🙁

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