As we reported back in March, in connection with the farewell-tour, a-ha is giving support for new talent by granting four promising Norwegian artists/acts 1 million Norwegian Kroner each – giving away a total of € 500.000 of the band’s own money.

The winners will be presented to a larger audience during the last four stadium shows a-ha ever do in their native Norway in August and September 2010.

From a list of about 50 candidates, eight finalists were chosen by a-ha and a special jury to compete for the four awards. The bands are performing in pairs at four regional VG Lista festivals and winners will be chosen by popular vote.

The first of these concerts was held in Oslo on June 18, where The Shining and Hanne Hukkelberg competed for the region east talent grant. The Shining was pronounced the first talent grant winner, and Magne was on hand at Rådhusplassen to present the prize. The Shining will support a-ha at Ullevaal in Oslo on August 21.

Today, the region south competition takes place between Susanne Sundfør and The Pink Robots at VG Lista in Stavanger. The concert will be streamed online on VG TV beginning at 18.30 Norwegian time today (17.30 UK time). Morten will be in Stavanger and award the prize to the winner after the show. The winner will warm up for a-ha at their concert at Sør Arena in Kristiansand on 11th September.

Upcoming competitions in the west and north regions:

Trondheim – July 7
Moddi and Adjagas

Bergen – July 14
Casiokids and Lars Vaular

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Wonderful news and many Congratulations to the winners 🙂 Unfortunately I missed yesterday’s competition on VG TV:(

This is just another reason why I absolutely adore a-ha, not only are they fantastic and brilliantly talented musicians, they have such big hearts and they are so wonderfully generous as well 🙂 I don’t think there are many bands that would give away their own money to help other musicians?
Three Cheers for a-ha… 🙂 🙂 🙂 xx

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