If you’ve been to one of the ‘Cast In Steel’ tour dates this spring – or watched video clips online – you probably noticed some very striking stage visuals during the set:


Many of the stage visuals on this leg of the tour were created by Jonas Bjerre, lead singer of the Danish band Mew, also a visual artist and a co-founder of Apparatjik, together with Magne, Guy Berryman of Coldplay and producer Martin Terefe – among other things!

How did Jonas get involved with the ‘Cast In Steel’ project?

“I’ve worked with Magne in both a musical and visual capacity, through our project Apparatjik. Magne is familiar with the visual work I do for my own band as well, but asking me to do visuals for a-ha I take as quite a vote of confidence on his part. It’s a big assignment, and with limited time, I was only able to take on about half the show,” says Jonas.

“It’s been a really good experience, and I am honoured to be trusted with the job.”

On his approach to the project, Jonas says, “I feel that a-ha’s music is very visual, the kind of songs that conjure up a lot of imagery, so I just closed my eyes, listened and tried to put onto the screen how my mind reacted to the music. I also tried to incorporate the subject matter from various songs, and to look back at imagery from the band band’s past.”

Here are some screen shots of the visuals Jonas has created, however to get the best perspective, you really have to see them live! Tour details are here, or of course you can check YouTube for clips from previous shows.


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