Oslo, May 3rd, Spektrum – a unique one-of-a-kind concert with advanced scenography by Void.

In Oslo Spektrum on May the 3rd, a-ha will clear away their normal stage-production to give room for a very different concert performance in collaboration with Void, a computational design studio working in the intersection between design, architecture, art and technology.

This is a unique one-off opportunity to see a very different a-ha show, where known musical material meets new use of technology to create an immersive experience out of the ordinary.

‘We are excited to work with Void, who have done some excellent installations, among others for Kraftwerk, and we welcome this opportunity to try and create something truly extraordinary together’, says Magne Furuholmen.

The scenography will be based on extensive use of volumetric lighting, 3d-scanning technology and audio reactive elements, creating a truly spatial experience that bridges the gap between the band and it’s audience.

“Being trusted with the task of creating our own interpretation of a-ha’s material is not something we take lightly. Then again, we have more than 60.000 square meters of space to play with so I’m pretty sure we can make something that will fulfil our ambition of creating a concert experience like no other”, says Bjørn Staal, designer and programmer at Void.


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“Afterglow” would be a fantastic experience – if I could see it! 🙂

Is the band ever going to come to Israel?? I’ve been a huge fan since ’84 when I saw the first version of Take on Me, on “Skytrax”…

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