Morten, Magne and Paul have had a busy week of promo in advance of the release of ‘Cast In Steel’, their 10th studio album, today.

In the first part of the week, the guys were in the UK for a variety of live and recorded interviews. Here is a selection of recordings in case you missed them:

BBC Breakfast (video)
BBC 5 Live (video)
BBC Radio 2 – Steve Wright’s Big Guests (audio)
BBC Radio 2 – Steve Wright in the Afternoon (audio)
BBC Radio Devon – Richard Green (audio)
BBC Radio Lincolnshire – Melvyn in the Morning (audio)

Later this month, you can listen for a-ha on Sounds of the 80s with Sara Cox, which will be broadcast on September 26. In addition, the band members did a few interviews for print media, which will be published over the coming days.

On Wednesday, the band met dozens of eager fans at an instore signing event at HMV in Manchester. Thanks to the fans who shared photos from the signing on Twitter and the Facebook Event Page!

Next the guys flew to Hamburg for the first of several German media appearances. Last night, a-ha performed two songs (‘Forest Fire’ and ‘Foot of the Mountain’) and received a special award at the Deutscher Radio Preis (German Radio Awards), which was streamed live.

Watch ‘Forest Fire’ here:

Tonight a-ha will do an acoustic performance of ‘Under The Makeup’ on the German TV show Aspekte, which will be broadcast between 23:10-23:55. You can find the details here.

Finally, the band will perform two songs during the Goldene Henne awards tomorrow night. The show will be broadcast live, beginning at 20:15.

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