The ‘Ending on a High Note’ tour book is now available in the shop, and that means the wait is finally over – it is time to announce the winners of the album review competition we held back in March!

Thank you to the more than 200 fans around the world who participated in the contest! The winners will receive a tour book signed by Morten, Magne and Paul.

There were so many good reviews that it was too difficult to chose just one review for each album. Instead we selected excerpts from 34 different reviews, in which fans expressed particularly insightful thoughts or personal responses to the music.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the album review contest! Congratulations to:

Ai Iwane
Amanda Bird
Angela Clow
Anne-Marie Forker
Antje Utecht
Brian Wiser
Carlos Macia
Cathryn Falconer
Celia Dick
Dino Mallas
Elliott Wright
Cosmin Epurescu-Pascovici
Eric Primeau
Fiona Bingham
Gosia Wojownik
I. Jordan Thompson
Inta Miezis
JD Gillam
Jens Peter
Jeremy Clowe
Julie Rodham
Karin Földes
Maria Mikhailova
Narelle Stoll
Narinder Randhawa
Natalia Ryzhkova
Nicola Hunt
Octavia Wayton
Paul Wood
Payeyo Garcia
Richard Gibson
Takako Furukawa
Tom Kelley

We have posted a selection of album reviews from all entries in the Fan Area of the site.

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Well done to all the winners 🙂 xxxx


Awesome work, everyone! There’re some really great reviews, here! 🙂

YEAH!!!! Can’t wait to see them in the tour book!

I won I won I won. I can’t believe it. I met a-ha on May 7th and now this. Wow, after 25 years as a fan, I can’t believe how lucky I was in the end. Thank you a-ha for all the great memories.

Congratulations to the winners!
That was great!

Congratulations for all the fans who won the contest!

That is amazing, I won as well :D. I have been thinking though…For the people who have won, how do they receive the signed tour book?

I won too!! Delighted, thrilled and honoured that a piece of my little black heart will be included in the final tour book! Thanks 🙂

Hi Strippy_socks, check your e-mail. I was already contacted by the editor to send my mailing info.

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who wrote a review.
Best wishes to all a-ha fans

Congratulations to all winners & well done to all who took part 🙂

An excellent idea to put a selection of all album reviews from this competition into the Fan Area, however, I was wondering if it would be possible for these to rotate like the Written Memories did so that all entries for the album reviews could be shown in the Fan Area at some point or even just excerpts from them to give everyone who took part a chance to have some or all of their review published on this website? Just a thought – a Train of Thought – it’s a Minor Earth, Major Sky 🙂 Many many thanks to Catherine & her team for all their efforts and hard work 🙂

Congratulations to all, and thanks

I just saw the exciting email from Catherine. I can’t believe I actually won! What an honor and a dream come true! 🙂

I saw A-ha for the first time at their last US concert in Los Angeles in May — one of the true highlights of my life.
Thank you so much to A-ha and everyone who made this brilliant contest possible. And thanks again A-ha for all the great memories and music over the years.

Sheila Hansen Beaudoin

My entry is not listed. I worked very hard on this….matter of fact, I do not even see my comments on the original post page. Please look into this and please consider a consolation prize….I would love two tickets (VIP) to the Royal Albert Hall show. It would be a dream come true. God bless! :0)

Has any one from the winners received his/her copy? I think this is a high time. By today there were several occasions to ask band to sign the copies 🙁

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