Thank you to everyone who sent questions to us for this Q&A with Anneli! Most of the questions came from fans on Twitter, and you’ll find their handles below, next to their question.

Here are Anneli’s answers to your questions, which she sent to us direct from the road!

From @JSmithRose: If you could choose any a-ha song to cover, what would it be and why?

Anneli: ‘And You Tell Me’. Or ‘Here I Stand And Face the Rain’. Or ‘Dark Is The Night’. I have done covers of them all. AYTM I did for a Norwegian radio program, but I was so nervous when it went direct on air that I begged them not to post it.. We did it with vocals, piano and cello – really nice. HISAFTR I am doing now, live! I really like this song! One of my absolute faves 😉 ‘Dark Is The Night’ I did live in Brasil when I toured with a-ha on their Lifeline tour, think it was 2002-2003. The special moment when Paul played the guitar intro for this song and then I started to sing is something I will never forget.

From @trotroll: So great to see you again with a-ha! Maybe also in Paris? It would be awesome! What songs do you prefer from a-ha?

Anneli: Yes, now you probably know that I am joining them for the rest of the Cast In Steel tour 😉 I am a lucky bastard, I know! It is impossible to say which songs I prefer from a-ha.. they have so many evergreens and also many excellent underdogs. Funny thing is I have toured with a-ha, well this is the third time now, and I never get tired of their songs. I like everything from ‘Stay On These Roads’ to ‘Sycamore Leaves’ and I guess that sums up the variety in their song catalogue.

From @Ridingthecrest: Gutted you didn’t do HISAFTR in Manchester. Why? And an a-ha cover album, any chance??

Anneli: Oh yes, that’s right, we did not play it there. Well, the idea was still so fresh. One thing is to have a song ready, but we did not have time to rehearse it through with the lighting guys during sound check and also well.. timing is everything.

From @KarenKmcjay: What are your main song influences?

Anneli: Hm… Well in fact I grew up with ABBA, I must say. But luckily I have a big brother who went all the way from Tromso to London in the 80’s to buy the coolest vinyls, so I grew up with Depeche Mode, OMD, Eurythmics, Yazoo, DAF, Cabaret Voltaire, Soft Cell, Human League.. Well the likes 😉 And of course A-ha!

From @janeiwc: When are you coming to perform in South Africa?

Anneli: Well I really hope soon! My best friend lives in Cape Town! She has a big house there and I envy her so much the climate and the flora! But I am not the one pulling those strings so if you start a signing campaign I will be the first to sign it!

From @traceyaha: How hard is it for Anneli to be the support act knowing people are just waiting for A-ha?

Anneli: It in fact didn’t bother me at all. I was also waiting for a-ha to start, so I just passed the time by singing some of my songs from stage 😉 I really did feel we had a good and welcoming response from the audience and someone has to do the support so why not me 😉 I released my album Rocks & Straws last year and my band and I are very much in the loop of doing concerts and promoting this album, so the support jobs was a unique chance to play in front of such a big audience in the UK. I have only played solo in the UK twice before, and that was in very small clubs.

From @AHAMIGOSARG: Would you like to sing with A-ha in Argentina?

Anneli: Yes I would very much. Thank you! Let’s hope it will happen one day!

From @MarcusWeedon: What was the 4th song you played in your set last night, was truly superb! [talking about Manchester gig]

Anneli: Oh oh … I have to ask the guys about that. Well, someone who has the set list. But maybe ‘Move To Memphis’…?

My own set list for the three first concerts was:
Circulating Light
All I Know
You Don’t Have To Change
Ocean’s Organ
Green leaves in the Snow

Photo: Raymond Elliott

Photo: Raymond Elliott

From @Melissa_ha22: What was highlight of the shows so far (best moment)?

Anneli: Oh that is a tricky one. Every concert is different. But I guess singing ‘Crying In The Rain’ with Morten is always a highlight of the evening for me. And also doing ‘Velvet’ with Paul and ‘Lifelines’ with Mags because I feel I can interact more with each one of them.

From @elainemills123: What is your favourite A-ha song, and what’s it like being on tour with the boys?

Anneli: Yes, I already answered that. I honestly like all their songs because I am genuinely a fan and was brought up with their music. It is fantastic touring with them, they are great guys and also the guys in the backing band and the whole crew are fantastic. The best ever.

From @Shrimpers76: What song have you most enjoyed performing with a-ha on this tour?

Anneli: I cannot tell – honestly. It changes every night.

From @slenderframe: Great to have you back. How does the 2016 tour experience compare to the shows you did in the early 2000s with a-ha?

Anneli: Well thank you so much, I appreciate that! Well, last time I was 13 years younger and looked cooler on stage, but I guess now I feel much more comfortable with being in the background. Also the backing band are old friends of mine and different from last time and the crew is new to me and all of them are really great people so I enjoy this tour a lot! Also, it is fantastic to hang out with Mags and Morten and Paul again – I really missed them! Didn’t we all?

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a ha fan Claudia68

Wow Anneli, i’m so happy you are again with a-ha on tour. I did see you in Zürich, Hallenstadion, 4.04.2016 i love your voice so much. Me too i love all songs from a-ha, my 1. Concert i went is so far away, it was 1986 or 1987 in Basel, Switzerland. Since them i’m still a fan and ever. I will never forget “Dark Is The Night Fot All” “Cold As Stone” “October”

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