apparatjik world – coming to a world near you.

this book is totally awesome and shows the width and girth…eh scope of apparatjik’s amazingly varied and unique production over the years since the start in 2007…8? the many and varied apparatjik projects have resisted definition and classification in the media since day one, and this book sums up the impressive apparatjik oevre: surreal, chaotic, anarchic and playful by nature, yet undertaken with great sincerity and serious optimism, often involving a great number of supporters in the creative processes. apparatjik is quite simply the brainchild of 4 people who are determined to do things the difficult way, avoiding all aspects of the system available to them, and insisting on the freedom to raise the child in an atmosphere free of conformity and health & safety regulations.

the book is beautifully produced, both conceptually and technically, and apart from giving a rare insight into a cluster of creative minds refusing to play the cards they have been dealt themselves, it is highly entertaining and a must for anyone who is interested in the weirder intersections between popular-music and art.

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