As an update to this post, we have some exciting announcements about the 30th anniversary weekend this September!

Morten will perform on his birthday

September 14 this year is both Morten’s birthday and a-ha’s 30th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, Morten will perform a solo concert at Sentrum Scene in Oslo! This will be Morten’s first full solo concert in Norway since 1997.

Tickets will go on sale to the public on March 17 via Billettservice. However there will be a fan pre-sale on Monday – more details on this below!

Official photo book and exhibition

Norwegian photographer Stian Andersen has been working with a-ha since 2000, and his photos have been used for cover art, promo shots, posters and more. Stian toured extensively with a-ha during the ‘Foot of the Mountain’ and ‘Ending on a High Note’ tours in 2009-2010, and is publishing a photo book in fall 2012.

This long awaited official a-ha photo book is expected to be released on September 1. In addition to the book release, there will also be a photo exhibition taking place at Stolper + Friends gallery in Oslo from September 1-16.

The book will be available to order directly from Press in Norway. Fans can choose to have the book shipped to their homes, or they will have the option to pre-order the book and pick it up when they visit Oslo for the 30th anniversary weekend – and have the book signed by Stian as well at a special signing session!

The photo book will be about 320 pages, in hard cover and printed on very high quality paper. It will be the same size as The Swing Of Things book from 2010.

There will be more information about the book and how to pre-order in the coming months.

30th anniversary a-ha party and convention

We are very excited to announce that the a-ha fan party will take place at Sentrum Scene in Oslo, immediately following Morten’s solo concert on September 14! When the concert is over, stay at Sentrum and enjoy a-ha’s music and videos, dancing, a trivia game, prize giveaways, and have a fun time with old and new friends. The party will go until 3:00am and it will definitely be an evening to remember!

On Saturday, September 15 there will be an a-ha convention which includes guest speakers, a book signing session with Stian Andersen, special access to the photo exhibition at Stolper + Friends, and more. The full program has not been finalized yet, so stay tuned for more details.

Ticket pre-sale on Monday!

There will be a fan pre-sale on Monday, March 12 at 3:00pm CET. The ticket price is 520 NOK + ticketmaster fee, and includes:

  • Morten’s concert at Sentrum Scene on Friday, September 14
  • a-ha 30th anniversary afterparty at Sentrum, following Morten’s concert
  • the a-ha fan convention on Saturday, September 15
  • special access to Stolper + Friends where Stian’s pictures will be exhibited and sold

We will send out the link to the pre-sale via the fan party mailing list on Monday, March 12 before 3:00pm CET. This link will be active from Monday at 3:00pm CET until Thursday at 9 am CET. This special package ticket will not be available after that.

Be sure to sign up for the fan party mailing list before Monday so you can receive the pre-sale link and stay up to date about the 30th anniversary weekend!

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This is fantastic! Thank for organising us that special programme to celebrate a-ha’s 30th anniversary. Can’t wait to go to Oslo again!!!

Wow!! I saw this news late last night on Morten’s Twitter and had to check out the details. I’d love to go, but finding someone to go with who can afford it will be a major issue. Also tickets go on sale when I’m away from home which is bad news. I’ll have to pull a few strings and pray it works. The things we do for the love of these guys ;D Fingers crossed!

I would love to see this but unfortunately I am in the USA. When are they or Morten coming back to the USA? Miss seeing them but love the music and Morten 🙂

Omg this is SO amazing !
Can’t wait to go back in Oslo !
Can’t wait to be there with you guys !

Many hugs from Paris !


surprisingly 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is truly fantastic news, I will wait for tickets to come on sale and see if I can afford them. It will be a once in a life time experience. Just hope that I get to meet you if I come and get close enough to have a picture or two. Thank you Morten for thinking of your fans and for performing on your birthday. I just think you are perfect and it was last year I fell for you and your musicxxxxxxxxxx


Let me think – do I want to go? YES… am I ready to work – yes I am … So no more fancy shopping therapies – SAVE GIRL SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE … YOUR MONEY. Tomorrow you will spend your savings, so you need more :)))))

This now comes like a lightning and will make me change all plans I had. Hope I’ll be able to order tomorrow…will have to take a day off at work for that but I’ll do almost everything to join this great event and of course to see Morten!


What wonderful news!!! Thanks for keeping the fans updated and organising this special event/anniversary for A-Ha. I can’t wait to go to Oslo again…

Ingrid Nogueira

It’s amazing, I can’t believe that.
It Will be my my first time in Norway. I just can’t wait! *-*
Hugs from Brazil! ♥

Woohoo! Tickets bought!

@the team: what about the people who want to join the party but not go to the concert? (it’s not me 😉 but I know some)

it will be amazing if my plans workout i hope to be there!!!!!!!!!

Do we assume those of us who didn’t sign up to the party mailing list before March 12th are penalised by not getting the link sent to us and so cannot get advanced tickets? Some of us may only want to go to the concert and so are left out of getting pre-sale tickets. Not very fair is it?! I can’t see anywhere to get concert tickets only on pre-sale.

Ingrid Nogueira

I signed up before Monday. Why I didn’t receive the link to the pre-sale? :/
It will appear later? Where? How it will be?

Hi, I feel like the only a-ha fan in Texas. I’m so glad they extended the ticket sales because I tried so many times since Monday to get a ticket. First via internet and then by phone. I had a real hum-dinger of a time and ended up having to use someone else’s phone (thanks to good friends willing to let me make a very long distant call from their phone). I am so excited and looking forward to my first trip to Norway!

Appeal to our Morten !
As Paris concert is the FIRST one to be SOLD OUT for over a month now, I am asking him to perform one additional song for Paris audience, whichever song he wants and wishes. But especially for Paris concert. Tusen Takk, and deep respect.

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