An extremely catchy pop riff and an iconic music video helped make a-ha’s first #1 single “Take On Me” a classic and much-loved song for millions around the world. The video has been viewed over 45 million times on YouTube and the song remains on daily airplay on radio stations in many markets, nearly 30 years after its release.

Over the years, we’ve seen many great cover versions and tributes to “Take On Me” and have been collecting links, media and facts about the song – and now we’re building a place on where all this information will be presented as a celebration of the legacy of the song.

Help us build our “Take On Me” archive!

Very soon there will be a page on all about “Take On Me” – the history of the song, chart positions, media and quotes, cover versions, and more! We have collected a lot of information about the song over the years, but we need your help to make this the best archive of information about the song available online!

Please share links to your favorite “Take On Me” covers and tributes in the comments below. Links to articles and other media are very welcome too!

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We’ve dedicated Monday, September 16th as a special day to celebrate the song that started it all! Follow our updates on Twitter starting on Monday and continuing as new links and information are discovered:

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Some notable covers of Take On Me:

*) Madonna’s Version performed on Saturday Night Live in 1986. Unfortunetly that video is taken Down whenever it is upploaded to Youtube … 🙁

*) Sara Bareilles:

*) Walt Ribeiro:


*) Northern Kings – Take On Me:

A couple of examples where Take on Me is sampled into another artists work:

*) Multicyde – The Banger:

*) Pitbull featuring Christina Aguilera – Feel this Moment:

*) Pitbull featuring Christina Aguilera – Feel this Moment live feat: Morten Harket:

a1 – Take On Me:

I have compiled a list of the many covers and samplings here:

I like the manualist version, played on his hands:
And the Geiko commercial:

I’ve always liked listening to “take on me” in 15th episode of season 16 of the Simpsons, even if it’s for a few seconds.

And I like this k-pop version of the song and the video remake:

Graziella Schazad’s cover of Take on Me is simply beautiful especially the extra strings edition. But there’s nothing like the original!

wow great news

Here’s the link by the way 🙂

Take on me just moves my body and soul. And it’s so important to me that it’s even on my skin!

The Mexican versión of Take on Me..xico with my a-hats

This is one of the more great interpretations of Take On Me too, in one of the most famous place over the world.. Times Square, the most special of this interprtetation is we can appreciate the kind of people they are…. our a-ha

A wonderful acoustic version right here.

Graziella Schazad’s cover of Take on Me was the song I walked down the aisle to! it was a-ha with a touch of wedding version to it! So I still had them close to my heart!


Here is another link, I do not if some one added but here is

Here is another in Spanish

Hollywood actor Jim Carrey Singing Take on me on the David Letterman show:

Tori Amos – Take on me (Oslo, 2011):

I know it’s not a cover, but I made some mixes of “Take on me” a while back. These are made from the original parts of the song (STEMS). First is a longer 7 min extended version. You can find it here:
The other is a short version with only guitar and some of the keyboard parts.

Here a cover from the Belgian Band Janez Detd.

The worst cover version ever:
Sorry,that this comes from Germany.

Cute a capella version by Ithacappella
Not always in tune, but very amusing and original

On the TV series Outsourced they had an instrumental version of the song playing in the background. Take on me Punjabi style. 🙂 Made by Simon Perry and available to buy on iTunes.

This is not take on me but the sun always shines on TV coverd by Belgian Dance Formation Milk Inc.
It’s a good version, well done

A-ha has been part of my life for so long… I listen to a-ha since I was a kid, my mother loved it and so do I… so many moments of my life were sorrounded by the a-ha song… so many emotions! And when I listen to then, its like to go back in time, and be hugged by the memories, once again…

A few years ago I recorded this kinda acoustic version of a-ha “take on me”… it would be such a pleasure to be part of this…

It was this video that got me hooked on A-ha and i have been a fan ever since and that was over 25 years ago ! x

TOR: Some truly superb work there. Any you able to link to where you got the stems from, I’d love to have a play with them 🙂

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