On July 6, the deluxe editions of Hunting High and Low and Scoundrel Days were released in America via Rhino.com. We’ve just been informed that after their first week, both albums debuted in the top 40 in the Billboard Top Internet Sales Chart!

Hunting High and Low debuted at #34 and Scoundrel Days debuted at #36.

Both albums are now available in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA. The German release for the deluxe editions is August 6.

Buy the deluxe editions from Rhino.com (US)
Buy Hunting High and Low in the iTunes global store
Buy Scoundrel Days in the iTunes global store
Order the deluxe digipaks (UK)

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Sweet :)))

Brilliant. I just downloaded the i-tunes bonus tracks as well to go along with my CDs

The remastered “Scoundrel Days” charted higher than the album’s original release back in 1986! Congratulations– these discs are beautifully packaged and produced– you done us a-ha fans proud.

This is wonderful news! I’m still waiting for mine to come, though! 😀


Here’s my hurrah! \o/

This is fantastic news – but can’t we link people to the Rhino.com website instead of the one in the UK? I know with a simple Google search, U.S. fans and the casual buyer will come across the site first – but it seems kind of half hearted to only show the links to buy via the UK. Just my two cents.

@chrismac87 there is a link to the US site in the first paragraph 😉
Good idea though, will add another one to the bottom link list as well. Thanks!

Soooo happy about this! Been giving the new car speakers a blast!

got mine…listened to both today!! love love love it!!!

And Argentina? Please, we want the albums in our country 🙁

This should be even more reason to return to the US. They could open for U2 on their US stadium tour next summer. I mean, what better way to reintroduce yourself to the US? Foot of the Mountain is such a strong album.

All it takes is a phone call…

Sheila Hansen Beaudoin

These look awesome! Especially Scoundrel Days! Finally you (A-ha) sees how much we love them, when they actually give us some attention! Thank you SO much! God bless! :0)

Sarah McCarlie

I live in England and pre-ordered my CD copies of the deluxe limited editions of HHAL and Scoundrel Days from Rhino.com on 11 May and they sent me an e:mail to advise me that they had received my order and would dispatch the CDs once released however, the CDs were now released 2 weeks ago and they have taken the payment from my credit card but I have not yet received my copies of the CDs. I have looked on their website where you can track your order but it just states that it has been authorised but no tracking number and no mention of shipment as yet. I have sent an e:mail to Rhino customer services to ask them where my order is and when I should receive it but they have not replied as yet. Has anyone else received their order yet from Rhino? I have paid just under GBP£40 including postage and packing for both CDS together and are anxious to receive them so I can listen to the additional tracks. I am a little frustrated as there are copies of these deluxe editions of the CDs in my local music stores priced at GBP£11.99 each and I am still waiting for my copies which were pre-ordered 2 months ago.

Sarah McCarlie

Further to my message on 20 July I have finally received the CDs from Rhino.com. I am currently at work and not yet had a chance to listen to them but my husband has listened to them and he says they are fantastic. Looking forward to hearing them.

I love both deluxe editions and on the Hunting High and Low deluxe edition i love the following tracks 2,5,15.20,21 of demos rarities

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