a-ha fans from all over the world would like to read Pål H. Christiansen’s novel, ‘Drømmer om storhet’, in which Paul appears as a character. The book is only available in Norwegian, so most of the fans will not be able to read it. Some chapters have been translated by fans and exchanged on the internet, but there is also a campaign going on to get the entire novel translated into different languages.

The Norwegian fan web site, Bug Productions, has started the campaign for getting ‘Drømmer om storhet’ translated, where fans can request what language they want the novel to be translated into. Norway’s public service broadcaster, NRK, writes about the campaign on their web site:

“a-ha fans are not like other fans,” NRK writes. “Now they have started a campaign to get ‘Drømmer om storhet’, the novel in which Paul Waaktaar-Savoy is a character, translated into their mother languages.”

“The results of the survey will, the fans hope, be of importance in possible negotiations between the publishing company Tiden and foreign publishing companies.”

When Pål H. Christiansen wrote the book, he never imagined there would be such a huge interest for the book among a-ha fans. “I did at no point speculate about that,” he says to NRK. “However, it is very funny to see what is happening. Translated chapters are by now already whirring around on the internet. a-ha fans translate for other a-ha fans.”

Christiansen stresses that no decisions are made yet, whether ‘Drømmer om storhet’ will be translated or not. “It is a pretty long process. But in any case it is very nice to get all this response.” He has personally received requests from a-ha fans. The most eager a-ha fans are located in countries like Germany, Brazil, England and the USA .

Read the original article here:

You can still make your request on Bug Productions’ web site:

The author of the novel, Pål H. Christiansen, will appear on the Norwegian radio station P4 on Thursday November 28, at 12.14h, to discuss the campaign.

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