A year ago this month, a-ha launched their final world tour in South America. The Ending on a High Note tour was a live celebration of a-ha’s 25 year career, which included stops in 63 cities in 21 countries, and culminated in four concerts in their home town of Oslo last December. The band’s last ever live concert took place on December 4, 2010, and was recorded for release on DVD.

Ending on a High Note – The Final Concert

The Final Concert will be available in four formats: Blu-ray, DVD, Deluxe (2 CDs + DVD) and CD only. The tracklists are:

CD Only:

01. The Sun Always Shines On TV
02. The Blood That Moves The Body
03. Scoundrel Days
04. The Swing Of Things
05. Forever Not Yours
06. Stay On These Roads
07. Manhattan Skyline
08. Hunting High And Low
09. Minor Earth, Major Sky
10. Summer Moved On
11. I’ve Been Losing You
12. Foot Of The Mountain
13. Cry Wolf
14. Analogue
15. The Living Daylights
16. Take On Me

Blu-ray, DVD and Deluxe (2 CDs + DVD):

01. The Sun Always Shines On TV
02. Move To Memphis
03. The Blood That Moves The Body
04. Scoundrel Days
05. The Swing Of Things
06. Forever Not Yours
07. Stay On These Roads
08. Manhattan Skyline
09. Hunting High And Low
10. We’re Looking For The Whales
11. Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)
12. Crying In The Rain
13. Minor Earth, Major Sky
14. Summer Moved on
15. I’ve Been Losing You
16. Foot Of The Mountain
17. Cry Wolf
18. Analogue
19. The Living Daylights
20. Take On Me

The Blue-ray and Deluxe editions will include a documentary and a gallery of photos by Stian Andersen.

International Release Dates

Updated 17 March:

Australia April 8th
Austria April 1st
Belgium April 1st
Bosnia April 1st
Brazil June 21st
Croatia April 1st
Czech Rep. April 4th
Denmark April 4th
Estonia April 1st
Finland April 6th
France April 4th
Germany April 1st Order Now
Greece April 4th
Hungary April 4th
Indonesia April 1st
Ireland April 15th
Israel April 4th
Italy April 5th
Latvia April 1st
Lithuania April 1st
Luxembourg April 1st
Macedonia April 1st
Malaysia April 1st
Mexico May 24th
Montenegro April 1st
Netherlands April 1st
New Zealand April 11th
Norway April 4th
Poland April 8th Order Now
Portugal April 4th
Romania April 4th
Russia April 4th
Serbia April 1st
Singapore April 4th
Slovakia April 1st
Slovenia April 1st
Spain April 5th
Sweden April 4th
Switzerland April 1st Order Now
Taiwan April 4th
Turkey April 4th
Ukraine April 4th
United Kingdom April 25th Amazon | Play | HMV
United States April 12th Amazon (Import)

Please note that this is not a complete list; release dates in other territories are still to be confirmed. There will be an NTSC version available for fans in North America and Japan as well, release date to be determined.

*Please note the Blu-ray version will be released as soon as possible but not necessarily on the same dates as listed above – we will post an update when we have more information.

Related Links:

Updated 17 March:
Listen to audio samples from the live CD here: Amazon.de.

You can read the original live DVD announcement here on a-ha.com. There are some very interesting technical facts about the recording process and sound engineering on ProSound Web and Lawo News. There is also a set of three small photos from the bonus DVD gallery on the Serpent Productions web site.

Pre-order the DVD/CD:

Germany – Amazon.de | Buch.de | Weltbild.de

Poland – Amazonka.pl

United Kingdom – Amazon.co.uk

If you know of other pre-order links in other territories, please share them in the comments below! Thank you!

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This is great news!! Can not wait to get this, hopefully the Canadian release will be soon.

Yay!!! I can’t wait!!! I hope I’m on the DVD. 🙂
You guys will always have a special place in my heart.

::: (\_(\

*: (= ‘:’) :*

•.. (,(”)(”)¤

Please, get it to Denmark soon. Miss U guys….


Looking forward to buying a copy of the DVD of the final tour, Having ‘Ending on a high note’ is the best way to cherish A-ha’s music for years to come.


can t wait
I preordered my copy!!

where is the bandstand ?

Fantastic news! I hope I will be able to buy it in Hungary very soon! :)))
I also hope that A-ha will come again to Budapest in near future! Love to all the members,
Pixy from Budapest

Finally almost there. 🙂
Shame though that the Bandstand is not included.

Wooohoooo! Long awaited for!
Shame Bowling Green isn’t on there – that was a very special and personal moment for anyone who was there…

Fantastic…. BUT where is fan favourite song BANDSTAND??? Please tell me it’s a typing error it should come after Hunting High and Low in the Setlist.

Please tell me what has happened to this great song it was the song I was most looking forward to watching! 🙁

Great news!!! I’ve been waiting for this news since December 4.
Can’t wait to have, but I’ll wait a little longer to see if it is released in Spain.
By the way, I don’t understand why was “The Bandstand” and “Bowling Green” excluded in the DVD: the first is a wonderful song and the second was a key moment of the night with a-ha giving tribute to Terry Slater.

Either way, it would be pretty nice, can’t wait!!!

Great news but great deception too…

We only got one DVD from the 2000 comeback, Live in south america has never been released in DVD though it was released in laser disc, and finally waited so much years for a shorten copy of this wonderful last show.

I haven’t heard any problem during “the bandstand” that justifies the cut. Morten even seemed to sing it better with time compared with the 2009 shows where he was not so confident.

Concerning “bowling green” being one of the few singing along with the band when they covered it, I guess I’m not the only one to be disappointed with the lack of this great moment and great tribute to the man who brought a-ha to fame (once more, thanks a lot Terry). And whatever can be said, it was great fun to see Magne trying to get it work and this was a part of this wonderful night too. And beside, the cover was damn good !!

I don’t understand. I’ll surely go with it as time goes by but it leaves a bitter taste.

I hope at least we’ll get some jewels in the future (NRK91 sessions would be a good start). And I often heard Lauren had filmed cool stuff…

Please, think about it


PS: fortunately Magne and Morten signed my yellow winter jacket that night. Paul, if you come to Paris (even on a hot summer day) I can wear this warm thing to get your sign on it.. whenever you want 🙂

Several French fan’s opinion :
We were very disappointed because The bandstand (the sound of the show !!!) isn’t in CD and DVD.
The question is WHY ???? During the show there were nothing in particular about this song !!!
The jacket seems not really professionnal in particular the picture of Morten (not really avantageous).

Mags is an artist .It’s very shame that he didn’t realise the visual of CD and DVD …..

We hope so that they added bonus for fans 🙂

Can’t wait until this DVD is released. Saw you guys in Sheffield and the show was absolutely amazing!!!! The Final Concert??? Oh, I really hope not.

How awesome is this, it’s a-hamazing…..! Hopefully there will be an Australian release or the DVD will be avaible on the website through the store. Thanks for releasing this guys, the memories will last even longer

Does the content and quality of the DVD included in the Deluxe are identical to those of the DVD only?

Thanks for your answers.

great news but what about the royal albert hall concert?

Where is The bandstand?

I really want to buy a dvd for me because it will be a memory I will keep you all.

We were very disappointed because The bandstand isn’t in DVD.

Great news! but I cannot help asking a very popular question: “where is the bandstand?” Is it included in a sort of bonus track or something? It’s a real pity that great song is not included.
Got another question for you: is the DVD going to be released in Argentina as well?

Pre-ordered the deluxe a few weeks ago can’t wait! 🙂 Just a quick question, although I know the RAH gig was only recorded for Radio 2 but is the full recording ever going to be released on CD? It is one of those nights that will stay with me forever but would really love to hear it again and again for many years to come!


I’m happy with the release and I cannot wait for the arrival here in Brazil … It’s really a pity that Bandstand was not included. But if we look from the standpoint of originality of the compositions of the band is more pleasant than the non-choice, which does not exempt a future release of new tracks, I believe. Congratulations and thank you, AHA!

Great news!

I hope there are more shows released on DVD/Blu-Ray, A-ha did some great shows in the past that needs to be available to the fans. 🙂

But why Bandstand isn’t available on the DVD? Please correct this, Bandstand is a great A-ha work, and it is my favourite song from the last CD.

Great news realy 🙂

But where is The Bandstand? 🙁
My favourite live song, this song was always included on the “ending on a high note-tour”.
I can’t understand it. This song has so much power and is very fascinating!

Please release this song!

Paul said he was half way through writing the next a-ha album when Mags announced his intention to leave the group to form Apparatjik. Here’s hoping Paul finishes the album and the group re-unites to record it.

I know Lifelines isn’t a rabble rousing song, but it’s one of their best. Too bad it wasn’t included in their final concerts and DVD.

Cool !!!! i’m so happy !!! I hope we could see a little part of the concert in Royal Albert Hall… it would be fantastic ! but i’m SO impatiente to have it in France !!!! love you 3 guys !!!

I want it here in Brazil 🙁 please we need it

Where is The Bandstand? One of the most important songs for me? I ‘ve deceived. Hopefully, there will be some bonus material containing the song! Why did they leave it out???

Will the video and CD be made available for digital download from iTunes or Amazon in the US?

Great news!Can not wait to get this, hopefully the Brazil release will be soon.
but where is THE BANDSTAND???? I love this song!


Nice to see!!! It was time for another awesome live album! I`ll definitely get the Deluxe Edition…

But: The Bandstand HAS to be on that record! One of the best a-ha songs ever! Especially live!

PLEASE add The Bandstand and Bowling Green, at least as Hidden Tracks or so…

Looking forward to the release… whatever the guys do, I feel, it will never be enough. Commercial decisions have to be made, artistic considerations developed, yet there is perhaps a feelng that the “heart and soul” cannot be in this last production. Having said that, we really need to see the results on what was an epic Final Tour, the proof, as they say, will be in the pudding…

Thank you so much! I’m really looking forward to it & to re-live those moments!

Fantastic news. There’s not enough DVD’s of their concerts so I will treasure this along with Live at Valhall. Can’t wait for it to be released.

Great news!!! Thank you! I hope on the DVD is the message from my girlfriend how told Magne to inform me, to marrie her.

But, what about the royal albert hall concert??????

Yeah, what’s happened to “The Bandstand” and also the unique cover version they did of “Bowling Green”?

Where is the Bandstand ??

I think we all should petition for the Bandstand..

Another disappointment from a-ha. They never seem to listen to us fans. Short changed yet again with the omission of “The Bandstand”. I’ll buy the Bluray of course, but then again that’s all they want you to do!

Great Band, hopeless marketing and big fat bank account balances.

What a shame!


Oh! Thanks!! Please, Please! Edit it in Argentina also!! Many kisses!!

Why is it incomplete?????
Surely you didn’t mess up the recording.
‘The Bandstand’ and ‘Bowling Green’ need to be on the disc, the technical difficulties on ‘Bowling Green’ were part of the charm,unless you really couldn’t bear to share any royalties. It all looks a bit poor, I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking it should be the complete concert and it really does make a bootleg recording seem more appealing. Never mind though, I’m sure it’ll be a big seller. Just who is it who makes the decisions for a-ha? They haven’t got a clue

We want “The Bandstand” on the dvd!! One of our favourite songs here in Brasil! Add it as an extra, please!!

I’ll buy the BD on the first day! I have been wondering for months if the film would be released on the format.
I do not believe the concert film to only have material from December 4th. December 3rd had the motorized camera dolly behind the drumkit, on the 4th it was at the front of the stage. The crane camera was in the center-right area of the floor on December 3rd and on the front left on December 4th.
In addition to this, they most likely stored footage coming off the cameras feeding the video wall for all the Oslo shows.
Funny how no-one can spell “Blu-ray Disc” (BD). Well, the fools who decided on the name, did purposely misspell “blue”, so shame on them!

I add my voice to the general chorus of disappointment. The last concert at least should have been complete.
I fully agree with sfjmrc and Cat; their comments express exactely what I also feel.

Why cant’t this be complete?
You should really not wonder fans putting their footage on youtube if it’s never possible to get a complete show “legally” on DVD…

I’m so sad that I never got to see a-ha live. I love the Valhall Concert DVD. Looking forward to getting the new Blu-ray. I have to agree that I’d love to have the complete concert available. I wish that a-ha were still around, but we still have their solo work, and that doesn’t preclude them performing on each other’s work or indeed reunion shows down the track.
Hopefully I’ll get to see them one day. Great memories and great music.
Roll on the Blu-ray/DVD…

Great, now I can see the last concert too!
Thank you very much for the last 25 years of wonderful music!!
But where´s “The Bandstand”???????????????
I miss this great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I suggest a poll where fans can vote if they want The Bandstand included or if they want the DVD/CD/BR on the announced date. I certainly don’t mind to wait for that song to be included.

Yeah i am to a very disapointed fan…when we went to these fantastic concerts one of our fave’s was Bandstand and morten going for it on the drums,we have waited soooooooooo long for a dvd now,aha are fantastic but we want a full concert!!!

The DVD is incomplete.


One of the best Songs of the last Album and a highlight in every Concert. It deserved to be released as Single but now is Bandstand not even on the Last Concert DVD. WHY???

Why they never ask the Fans?


How ironic to see the record company chose a picture of Morten holding drumsticks for the SMO single from this show… He only did during “the bandstand”.

As a professional daily user of photoshop and graphic software, I’m a bit disappointed too looking at the covers.
It should take about 20mn reproducing it… Jesus, they must have taken time for the concept or the choice of the only color they used. Where was Magne? There’s more creativity and beauty in the smallest of his stamps.

I really love their music but must admit something always failed when it came to record a live session and deliver it to the fans.

We’ll ever have to be satisfied with:

– a short bundle of videos from south america early 90’s tour, a valhal show which came at a period where they was still trying to find a new live sound for their second start (a bit sterile compared to the LISA sound)
– a big failure with the “angel in the snow” reprise at the end of this show (internet broadcast showed the crowd leaving the concert hall before the band got back on stage),
– another bundle of shows extracts with “how can I sleep”…

Fortunately, there’s been people to record some shows and now bootlegs are the only way to have a real trace of these last 25 years and to remember why we all love their music.

What’s the problem here ?? What has always been the problem here ?? From all the shows I’ve seen I keep the memory of a wonderful band delivering good shows and wonderful music. Even Morten’s “I forgot the lyrics” (frequent) moments made me smile each time (he smiled too, by the way and never seemed to worry about it – listen to the RAH latest show – very relaxed Morten).

We needed a full trace of this show, I could almost say we deserved it. We followed them 25 years, this bluray should be released for us first and be a honest picture taken from a wonderful night.

We all know Morten’s voice has been a little corrected in valhal’s 2000 release, on “Summer moved on”. Ok, do it again for this show whatever the problem was and release it completely with “the bandstand” and “bowling green” (I still can’t understand what was the problem then as I think I heard Paul and Magne’s guitars so the sound was good, maybe it was only a feedback problem). And if they think it was ridiculous I’m sure we can all say we found it a particular joyful perfect moment. And whatever happens it’s on youtube now… nothing to lose.

I come to think it’s too late, CDs, DVDs have all been pressed but a limited edition available via itunes or any download process would be appreciate, don’t you all think so?

We love you, we fought to claim you were brilliant, you inspired us and, in a way made us as we are. That’s why we care and shout so loud 😉


The Spanish-speaking fans agree 100%: where is the Bandstand? Come on!

I also miss “The Bandstand”. As a live-version it was so wonderful.

Looking forward to it being released in North America. I’m sure it will be great – whatever is included. Much nicer to watch from a TV than to sit at the computer watching clips from youtube.

US Date release? Hello????
Hopefully will be as good and live at Valhall!

“The Bandstand” is such a wonderful song. Shame though that the great song is not included.
I also miss “Bowling Green”.

Great! I’m verry happy about this news. I’ve reserved the deluxe DVD. I’ve got waited for months for this moment. But where are the songs “Bandstand” and “Bowling Green”? I want the complete concert!!!
A-ha you are fantastic and forever in my hearts!! I miss you!!!

please a-ha please the bandstand is the best song put the bandstand on dvd and blu-ray all fans love this song is amazing and wonderfull song
thank you

“The Bandstand” belongs here– it was consistently a highlight of the tour.

All the fans should unite and manifest in front of locals of Universal all over the world…Ask for justice!! Ask for The Bandstand! We are very unhappy with the fact that one of the best songs of a-ha has been skipped from the final DVD and Bluray!! Give us the full concert!!!


The fact that someone somehow has chosen to omit The Bandstand from the Tracklisting is a crying shame – as a fan who travelled to the final show and overseas from Ireland to 4 others last year (after failed promises to come to Ireland), I feel gutted that my fave song from the tour has been cut.


And where’s the “bandstand”??. We don’t have the luck to have you in Peru on your last tour but at least let us see the complete show, please!!

Isn´t the problem here and with other “disappointments” during a-ha´s career that they are a low priority band, to say the least, to their record companies and management?
Fans protesting against this low quality treatment could maybe make some difference.

Wuooo … is special !

Takk, a-ha !

the bandstand is the best song all fans lovely this song, we fans we wait for more time we wait for the bandstand in dvd and blu-ray thank you a-ha

No Bandstand? SERIOUSLY? What happened. First we had to deal with it not being released as a single and now it is not on the live album???? I was hoping it would at least be the B side for Summer Moved On but that will be Scoundrel Days. BANDSTAND supporters, Unite!


The way Chriscorn explained (thanks you for expressing it straightforward), I believe that’s how it feels for all of us, patient and loyal fans.

After 25 years of dedication I feel misunderstood, disappointed, angry, meaningless, ignored. As said by Morten : “Aha has been into (y)our lives for many years.”
Without the fans their wouldn’t have been ‘a boy’s adventure tale ’ !
Can’t they see the importance for us of being threatened correctly ?

It feels as the producers of the DVD believe, fans will be satisfied with something quick-fixed, that’s how I receive the message anyhow. In what meaning the band members still have something to add, they’re sure already occupied developing their next project, entrusting on ‘professionals’ who are thinking this is an easy-going assignment ?
Not only leaving out The Bandstand and Bowling Green is beneath expectation, the cover was an opportunity to create a prominent objet d’art that would have had a high regard for all of us. But apparently they couldn’t think out of the box, confirming my idea Magne, for example, isn’t involved.

Many questions are holding my thoughts concerning these ( closed ?) decisions and it takes only 2 minutes of reading here and on the internet to understand I’m not the only one waiting for a reasonable explanation, or the announcement of adjustments conform the apprehensions of the fans.
In fact, we should all refuse to buy the DVD until they make it complete, meaning at least including The Bandstand and Bowling Green. However, everybody has been yearning for this release since dec 4th, I don’t have the illusion fans will wait any longer.
I can only hope to be heard, or better, all fans will be heard !
Can you believe I’m about to cry for this ?

Many thanks to all people who made the effort of shooting this concert (and others) and transferring it on Youtube, a truthful document is kept that way. Everybody who was present on that memorable Saturday evening will remark the difference !

Please check this page, sign the petition and add your comments…


We’ll see how much we are to want these songs released

Unite !!! 🙂

All a-ha fans together: Vote for Mr. Morten Harket on drums!
“The Bandstand” must be included!
It’s one of the best live song from a-ha and for us fans is “Ending on a High Note” the last material from a-ha.
Thanks for this fantastic time, a-ha!
“Ending on a High Note” with “The Bandstand”, please 🙂

Dear a-ha!!

PLEASE, we want the songs “Bandstand” and “Bowling Green” on this DVD! This DVD is the last “gift” from you to your fans all over the world!! This evening is the last memory from a-ha that we have and we want to have every second about this evening!!
I’m so disappointed and sad. We’ll never see
a-ha on a concert again and now we can’t have the full concert? WHY??? This two songs are brilliant and I love MORTEN on the DRUMS!!!
Listen to your fans please!! We all love you and your songs and we need so wonderful memorys about this last concert, but with all songs!!
What do you have to say by your management and record companies?
Remember your fans.We gave you 25 years the faithful kept and the last memory should not be a disappointment!!

Great news BUT why is there is not the whole show ? Where is Bandstand ? Where is Bowling Green ?

and what about the Royal Albert Hall show as bonus or special edition video and audio ?

Please take care of us as we are so sad now …

Why are not all songs on this live DVD? Just I’ve found that on the Live DVD from the Valhall Concert are also not all songs!!”Angel in the snow” ist not included on this live DVD from Valhall and other songs too…!! Why they ever not have all songs on this rare Version of this concerts? i’m very diapointed! I’dont understand it! Can me someone explain this?

The last live DVD of the band should have been perfect but when I see the result (about the official details), I’m quite disappointed… a no-complete tracklist, a poor cover (as well as for the single, ‘Summer moved on’ is not an original choice and Paul doesn’t appeared on the picture chosen for the cover !), also some poor bonus materials… More in details, Chriscorn has explained our feelings about it perfectly… let’s go to sign the petition !

To help promote this relese, I made a database listing of the BD version on http://www.blu-ray.com:


Check it out!

To the a-ha.com team and a-ha management:

Please make a proper press release for the release, including and specifying the BD and DVD details, and send the press release to:







…and other BD/DVD websites to help make an impact!

Hooray, at last. But no release date yet for the UK. Set notification on Amazon so hopefully not long before the blu-ray on it’s way 🙂 (Finger crossed)

But i must say like 90% of the fans who have commented on the a-ha.com. I am disappointed for definate that “Bandstand” as been taken off for some strange reason. And also that “Bowling Green” is missing. This was a-ha’s FINAL concert and was part of a very special evening that the fans are never going to see again.

Victor Olivier Giusti

Quando O DVD ‘Ending on a High Note’ chega ao Brasil, e qual a previsão dele ser lançado aqui?

Victor Olivier Giusti

When the dvd’Ending on a High Note’ from the band a-ha arrives in Brazil and what his prediction be launched in the country?

Victor Olivier Giusti

Me avisem se souberem de alguma coisa sobre o dvd da banda a-ha no Brasil. Obrigado e espero logo a resposta

Victor Olivier Giusti

Let me know if you anything about the dvd of the band a-ha in Brazil. Thanks and i hope the answer soon.

It’s a bit strange to use a picture taken during the Bandstand for the
Summer Moved On single.
Paul isn’t even on the picture. Hey, they’re three guys in the band.
ok Paul wrote the song that must be enough (ironic)
I come to understand why bands like Simply Red chose to do everything themselves, without involving record companies…

Fan of a-ha for ever


preorder for Switzerland:
Vorbestellungen in der Schweiz:


Please release in Brazil!!!

What I have to do to order the DVD from Belarus ? There’s a lot of fans are waiting for release. Come on.

By “international release” I understand South America too, Argentina precisely! There are many fans in Argentina and the rest of South America who want to buy the DVD too.

Can someone clear something up for me.

As far as I can make out, the deluxe edition contains DVD + 2xCD.
Is there a version that contains BluRay + 2xCD or do I need to purchase the BluRay and audio CDs separately? It’s not clear from the official website or from Amazon.



In the UK – all versions including blu-ray are available to pre-order at CDWOW.

Thanks to Julian for telling me. x


Oh my God! How not to thrill! I cried upon hearing the previous Universal’s Stay On These Roads, Scoundrel Days and The Living Daylights!
It is a great interpretations, a big party! A spell that is contagious! I felt this in Spektrum. It is the best gift I could receive in my life … Thank you A-HA!


Paul his lyrics are brilliant! Mags you are very talented and special and Morten, I have no doubt that you are an angel who fell from the sky, to hear this interpretation bath! CONGRATULATIONS, ONCE AGAIN!

Can you please tell me who is doing the distribution in Australia? I went to two stores today and both said it’s not on their databases for release.

I then called Universal and Warners and both denied knowing anything about it.

Any and all assistance would be appreciated. I’ll order on import if it’s not coming out here, but if it is, I’d rather wait and purchase locally.

BTW: Please make The Bandstand available SOMEHOW to the fans, whether as bonus material or a download or a DVD single or SOMETHING … it’s too late now I guess to change the listing for the DVD, but hear the noise … please …

March 21st 2011
Posted By: Bryan
Time: 14:46 pm

“Can someone clear something up for me.

As far as I can make out, the deluxe edition contains DVD + 2xCD.
Is there a version that contains BluRay + 2xCD or do I need to purchase the BluRay and audio CDs separately? It’s not clear from the official website or from Amazon.




I believe there are no plans for a BD+2CD release, so you’ll sadly have to buy CDs separately. Here in Norway the DVD+2CD version cost only NOK 10 (GBP 1/USD 1.50) more than the DVD version, so I hate that those of us that want the BD will have to pay NOK 150 (GBP 13/USD 25) for the same two CDs that the DVD owners got for NOK 10!!!

Complete video of The Living Daylights:

Wow! This really got my blood pumping! I just got a whole lot more excited for this BD now! Love the drum rolls in this song!

The footage is mixed from both the December 3rd and 4th concerts, evident by the dolly shots both from behind the drumkit (Dec 3rd, 1:52-1:54) and in front of the stage (Dec 4th, 3:54-3:58).

A big difference between the Dec 2nd show, and the Dec 3rd and 4th shows, is that during the last two the audience was constantly lit up with blue or green lights. I noticed around 40 extra spotlights hanging from the arena ceiling, plus a few spotlights on the side of the stage, that wasn’t in use Dec 2nd. This extra lighting did disturb my concert experience, as concert audiences should only be lit up by stage lights when “it makes sense”. But the extra lighting was necessary for filming if audience reactions should be visible on film when not lit up by stage lights. So to sum up, I’m glad I also attended the Dec 2nd show, as it was a more proper concert, and not a film shoot!

As for the audio, I don’t know, I can’t remember subtle differences between the last two nights.


Check out my forum thread with all current information in one place, and my thoughts on this release:

How come the UK and Ireland have to wait so long??

Victor Olivier Giusti

Eu quero que este dvd do a-ha seja lançado aqui no Brasil, quando este dvd chegará aqui?

Victor Olivier Giusti

Por que as músicas THE BANDSTAND & Bowling Green foram cortadas do dvd? As 2 são tão bonitas, principalmente THE BANSTAND quando o Morten Harket Toca Bateria. E por que também ela nao foi adicionada no site cifraclub? Até hoje estou esperando ela ser adicionada pra eu poder tocar ela.

Looking forward to the release, have already pre-ordered my copy.

Must add to the other fans comments. WHERE IS ‘BANDSTAND AND BOWLING GREEN’??????

Also, please,please,please release the Royal Albert Hall concert in October 2010 soon. It was a great night. One of the best concerts of a-ha’s. Miss you guys xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Does anyone know why The Bandstand is not on DVD, Blu-Ray or CD but Crying in the Rain is?? The Bandstand is the best song they have made for years, was it a bad recording or something very bad not including this but putting Crying in the Rain on formats. A-ha marketing and promotion still SHOCKING!!

Official Bandstand Petition..

To Morten, Pal and Mags (A-HA) Can you PLEASE release The Banstand (Live).


1. Palcaz

Victor Olivier Giusti

Eu também quero que a música The Bandstand venha junto com o DVD.

Victor Olivier Giusti

Por favor,quando será que o DVD Do A-HA será lançado aqui no Brasil? Eu quero tanto comprar este DVD aqui, pelo menos coloquem na lista, a previsão do lançamento do DVD aqui. Muito Obrigado. A-HA FOREVER!!!!!

Official Bandstand Petition..
To Morten, Pal and Mags (A-HA) Can you PLEASE release The Banstand (Live).
1. Palcaz
2. PAT

I got mine today 🙂
Thank you so much!


Will the European BD be region free or region B?

Release date for Australia seems to be incorrect on current evidence, none of the online or physical retailers have it listed or stocked, I went in and enquired again today at JB HiFi and they don’t have it listed, nor as a ‘new release’ which is pending, and they’d most likely be able to order it in if it was coming out … 🙁
International orders here we come 🙂

Official Bandstand Petition..
To Morten, Pal and Mags (A-HA) Can you PLEASE release The Banstand (Live).
1. Palcaz
2. PAT
3. Annut!

To anyone over in Australia or NZ – amazon.co.uk is offering free shipping down our way if you spend over 25GBP … I just ordered two DVD/CD box sets 😀 … or at least, it’s free shipping if you don’t mind waiting 8 – 12 days … 😉


Amazon (U.S.) is not specifing if the Deluxe Edition comes with a NTSC or PAL dvd. Since it’s an import I’m concerned it will indeed be a PAL dvd and not playable for my N. American dvd player. Also some dates of release are now for late April instead of the 12th.


I also must say I too was really looking forward to the Bandstand being included. I heard it live twice last year as an opening song and it was FABULOUS!

Amazon Canada says their DVD is NTSC…

I also received reply for my inquiry from Amazon Japan that they will sell NTSC one.

I just want to know if HMV Japan would sell NTSC one too because they mention their DVD is Hong Kong import (not Taiwan??)

Please release “The Bandstand live in Oslo”
a-ha’s best live-song ever!

Official Bandstand Petition..
To Morten, Pal and Mags (A-HA) Can you PLEASE release The Banstand (Live).
1. Palcaz
2. PAT
3. Annut!
4. Bandstand


US and Canadian Amazon is now out of stock for the combo set with a NTSC disc. They seem to have no idea if or when they will get more in. 🙁 C’mon now, someone sell it to those of us in N. America.


I was thrilled to finally recieve my NTSC Deluxe Edition only to learn (despite the packaging)the documentary/photos aren’t on the disc. From what I’ve heard, I’m not the only one with this problem. I’d like to know what is going to be done to fix this.

I received my NTSC deluxe edition today, the concert is fantastic, but I don’t find the gallery and the documentary on the dvd =/

I just received my SECOND copy of the NTSC deluxe edition from Amazon after complaining that the gallery and documentary were not on the first DVD I ordered. Guess what–they aren’t on this DVD either!!! Help! What is going on with the NTSC deluxe editions?

Management and the label are aware of this problem with the bonus content for the NTSC deluxe edition, and are looking into it. We will pass along an update when we receive more information.

Catherine and a-ha management.
The CD/DVD combo is now available at amazon.ca with the CORRECT NTSC encoding for the DVD.
I just receieved mine today:))

this is the link to the correct product…there are several other product listings, including the one that WAS “PAL” and was being returned.

You should use this link:

Thank you for it! 🙂 I love you!

I ask myself… and all others are asking. WHY IN THE WORLD was “THE BANDSTAND”, a.k.a one of the best songs since Take On Me Anthem, taken completely out of this compilation??????? I mean, why?

Was this some kind of CATCH upon us? Will there be a new “best of videos” featuring “THE BANDSTAND” as the lead video? If so please, announce it soon.

If it’s not much of a hassle, please release those songs people are claiming for in a DVD-SINGLE with bonus stuff. Another chicken’s golden egg for you guys! Please release it.

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