We’ve been asked to share this information from Nordisk Film TV for those fans who might be interested in attending the blind auditions:

Our mentors, Morten Harket, Lene Marlin, Martin Danielle and Yosef-Wolde Mariam will gather their teams of 12 artists in Blind Auditions, before the artists have to fight for their place in the competition through Battle and Knockout!

Location: H3 Arena, Fornebu/Oslo, Norway

For tickets and other inquiries, email: tvpublikum@nordiskfilmtv.com

21. of April at 4:00pm
21. of April at 7:00pm (FULLY BOOKED)

25. of April at 4:00pm
25. of April at 7:00pm

27. of April at 4:00pm
27. of April at 7:00pm

29. of April at 3:00pm (FULLY BOOKED)
29. of April at 6:00pm

22. of May at 4:15pm
22. of May at 7:00pm

24. of May at 4:15pm
24. of May at 7:00pm

1. of June at 4:00pm
1. of June at 7:00pm

2. of June at 4:00pm
2. of June at 7:00pm

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