Yesterday Morten celebrated his 57th birthday, and so many of you shared warm and thoughtful birthday wishes for him on social media!




Be sure to add your own birthday wishes to the posts above, or here on! We will share the links to these posts with Morten today.

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A person who is able to make life easier when listening to a such confortable voice. Please dont less us without your music/sound. It has been part of all my life so far and I hope for the everlasting. Happy birthday and the others 364 data. Malu

Happy birthday, Morten! 
You’ve made many hapiness in my life.
I always wish you all the best. greeting from japan with lots of love.

Hi there Morten,
I hope you had a lovely birthday with your wife family and friends!

I hope you had a lovely Birthday with your family, your voice was amazing when i saw you in Birmingham this year- a Birthday present to me. I have been a fan of a-ha since 1985 and i was always a fan for the music. Your music has got me through some really dark days in my life and I am hoping you will bring out some more solo material soon. A massive thank you to you and the guys for giving us so much of your time and how much time you sacrifice with your family. XXX

Morten, wishing you a very belated (!) but very happy birthday! I hope that it was filled with much happiness, love and laughter as you celebrated life. Thank you so much for being part of the memories of my youth. Thank you for using your musical gift to bring joy to so many. May this year be filled with much peace and purpose. Psalm 23 “Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life” Never forget God’s love for you. xx

This is totally pointless. Does he ever read any of our messages? I very highly doubt it.

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