On Friday, September 6 Paul celebrated his 52nd birthday. Over on Facebook, we opened a thread for people to post their birthday greetings for Paul – and there are now over 1200 responses!



Later that day, we sent a link to all of your birthday greetings to Paul, and he sent us this message to pass along:



You can add your birthday greetings for Paul on the Facebook posts above, or in the comments here!

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Dear Pål, I hope you had a very Happy Birthday on Sept 6th.
Your music is everything. Thank you.
Best Wishes for you and your family always.
Warm Regards,

🙂 <3 PAUL <3

Dear Paul. Thank you for taking the time to send such a personal message. I hope that you enjoyed your birthday weekend. I know that I am not alone when I say that I am very much looking forward to hearing some of the music that you have been working on 🙂

Best Wishes for the year ahead *\o/*

Happy birthday Paul! thanks for your music!
“I wish you all the best in your music career!”
i’m really sorry for the delay but i was really busy!
Greetings from France!:)


Hi Paul,
Happy belated birthday. Hope you had a fantastic day.
Best wishes to you and your family.
Love from Kerry x

Belated happy birthday wishes to you!

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