Just before last Christmas, Magne suggested to his friend Simen Staalnacke of Moods of Norway, that he join him for a six month period of sobriety, something Magne has been doing for health reasons since his arrythmia-issues started in 2001.

In a-typical fashion, the two friends decided to celebrate this decision with a major bar-hop around Oslo town, drinking only non-alcoholic drinks and driving from bar to bar, much to the confusion of other patrons. As Magne explains, they discovered a gap in the bar selection; ‘There was just not much exciting available to drink without pestering busy bartenders or sipping sugary juices all night’.

The two decided to make a ‘Non-Alcoholic Strong Drink’ and give it to friends as Christmas gifts.

‘Simen and I had a blast mixing all these natural ingredients in my kitchen like two happy amateurs.’


What started out as a project for fun then took an unexpected turn: ‘All of a sudden friends started asking for more. A friend of a friend was given our Holy Moly to drink and loved it, and he approached us about maybe making it available in some bars in Oslo’ Magne says. The S&M Feelgood factory was suddenly a reality.

Starting on 27 April, bottled drinks and snacks from S&M Feelgood Factory will be available in Deli Deluca and 7-11 all across Norway; the fabled Holy Moly will only be available in select bars in Oslo.

For those interested in following this quirky story, the boys are on Facebook and Instagram. They also have a web site.


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