If one of these days on the radio you hear a-ha’s legendary hit “Take On Me” in a tropically inspired remix by the phenomenon Kygo, you are experiencing a musical renewal resulting from a challenge from the traditional industrial company Hydro.

Kygo’s “Take On Me” remix was released Wednesday on Apple Music in more than one hundred countries.

Since Hydro is 110 years old in 2015, and 100 years old as an aluminum company, Hydro is celebrating by setting the tone, literally, for a new 100 years. It is the ability and determination to continuously renew that has brought Hydro to where it is today, and this commitment to renewal will make the company even better, bigger and greener in the coming years.


To demonstrate that renewal is the source of eternal life, Hydro chose a pop cultural metaphor, and challenged the 24-year-old Kygo from Bergen to transform the world’s best pop song from 30 years ago into the best pop song of 2015.

In 1985, “Take On Me” topped the charts in the United States. If Kygo can conquer the international music charts today with a remixed version of the same song, this would be the ultimate demonstration of the power of renewal.

The challenge to Kygo is part of Hydro’s Renew campaign. Hydro wants to initiate a dialog with politicians, industry and society about the need for renewal and the possibilities that lie in renewal. The music is used as a way to break the sound barrier and capture people’s attention.

Old collaboration is new again

The project is a result of a collaboration between Hydro and a-ha – and this is not the first time they have worked together. Ten years ago, when Hydro celebrated its 100th anniversary, it was a-ha that drew over 120 000 people to Hydro’s centennial concert in Frogner Park in Oslo.

Both Hydro and a-ha are good examples of the possibility to think big in a small country. Kygo is a new, fresh example of how Norwegians can achieve international success, and that everything of value can be recycled and given new and eternal life, much like aluminum.

a-ha is also recently renewed itself by releasing a new album with brand new music, and is celebrating 30 years as an international pop group, including by being one of the main attractions at this fall’s “Rock in Rio” festival in Brazil.

Hydro also renews itself – continuously.

Photo: Norsk Hydro ASA
Article published in English with permission. Read the original article in Norwegian here.

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