Magne’s sculpture park ‘Imprints’ – the largest of its kind in Scandinavia – is set to open in mid-June.

The works include 40 single ceramic elements, among them the world’s two largest jars – six meters high – nine columns between 2 and 4 meters tall and a 12 meter long ceramic relief, which will dominate the 2,5 acres large park at Fornebuporten.


Over the last year, various works have been installed at Forneburten in anticipation of the park opening in June. At this point, visitors can see a portion of the works, however the water features and about 20 more sculptures have not been installed yet.

For fans who will be traveling to Oslo from abroad for a-ha concerts and the fan events, although the park will not be complete yet, this may be their only chance to see the works in person. If you would like to take the short trip out of Oslo to see the sculpture park, you can find all the details on the Fornebuporten web site.

Watch a short video about the making of the park:

Read more about the park here.

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