On Friday, we announced that today would be a celebration of the legacy of “Take On Me”. We’re in the process of building an online archive about the song, and there is a new Twitter account just for sharing information, facts, quotes and more about the iconic song.

Most of today’s activity will be on Twitter, with some key posts on Facebook, as well as our first ever Live Q&A – Magne will be answering fan questions from 7:00pm CEST on the Facebook page.*

As we are doing this for the first time, here is some helpful information:

~ At 7:00pm CEST, we will open a thread on Facebook to announce that Magne is online and ready to answer your questions. All you have to do is post your question in the comments of this post.

~ Please try not to post your question early, as a new comment, or on another part of the page – it might be missed if it isn’t in the thread we open! 🙂

~ Magne will answer as many questions as he has time for, but he can’t promise to answer all of them! We don’t know yet how many people will participate, so please be understanding that he may not get to all the questions in the time he has available.

~ For those of you who are not on Facebook, we will post a summary of the Q&A here on a-ha.com once it’s over!

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment here or send us a DM on Facebook, and we will answer as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoy the first ever “Take On Me” Day!!

*To find out what time the Q&A is in your part of the world, try this helpful site.

Update: 7:15 pm

The question thread is open on Facebook and you can follow along – and ask your own questions – here:

Update: September 19

Magne was kind enough to spend nearly two hours on Facebook on Monday evening, answering questions from fans about a-ha, “Take On Me”, his art and music projects, and much more. In all, he answered more than 80 questions, and we have a summary available for download below.

This was the first time we have done a Q&A using Facebook, and we learned a lot from the experience! The most challenging thing for Magne was probably that Facebook continually re-ordered the posts from fans, so they were not in chronological order. Long story short, it was a bit cumbersome for all of us, and we appreciate everyone’s patience with Facebook’s quirks! We hope that overall you enjoyed it, and that we’ll be able to do something like this again in the future.

Without futher ado, here is the Q&A summary we promised you. To save the file(s) to your machine, right click and choose ‘save as’. (Thanks to Carmen C. for the Microsoft Word file, which she kindly sent to us to share!)

Adobe PDF Version | | Microsoft Word Version

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