Oslo Spektrum, September 5th

Two years ago the Pakistani pop group Junoon performed their first concert in Norway and they then attracted a full house at Oslo Concert Hall. Now Junoon are back – and they have invited Morten along as a guest artist. The event will take place in Oslo Spektrum September 5th at 20.00 hours.

The idea of a musical bridge between east and west was suggested by Junoon. They wanted to work with Morten, and contact was established. They have been working on the project for a while, and the result of the collaboration can be heard on September 5th.

‘Q’ Magazine calls Junoon “One of the biggest bands in the world”. Billboard says Junoon is the Subcontinent’s “biggest crossover success after the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan”. After their concert at New York’s famous Central Park last August, the New York Times dubbed their music “Pakistani rock mixed with religious rapture”. Similarly, in a preview to Junoon’s performance at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, the L.A. Times says Junoon’s “ability to captivate audiences” is “inspiring Beatles-like reactions”.

Junoon, meaning ‘obsession’ or ‘passion’, is South Asia’s biggest rock band. They sing mostly in the language of Urdu, in a style blending Western hard rock with Sindhi & Punjabi folk and Qawwali. “The band’s appeal reaches beyond the Westernised elite”, says Newsweek International.

In November, Junoon won the “Best International Group” title at the Channel [V] Music Awards in New Delhi, where they performed along with worldwide icons Sting and Def Leppard. Their album AZADI was nominated for Best International Album, having achieved the prestigious honour of being the highest selling album in both Pakistan and India this year.

Junoon’s guitar player and composer Salman Ahmad was elected UN-ambassador in connection with the world wide campaign against HIV/ AIDS.

Tour Dates
Junoon will tour the world during this summer, and here is their tour program:
27. July: Chicago
28. July: Detroit
29. July: New York
4. August: Faisalabad
5. September: Oslo
10. September: Beijing
4. October: Dubai

Oslo Spektrum
Oslo Høyre is in charge of the arrangement in Oslo.
Tickets can be bought through these 3 different channels:
Phone: +47 815 33 133

The tickets cost 140 NKr.

Link to Junoon’s web site:

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